Former Bears GM Jerry Angelo says comments about domestic violence taken out of context

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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Former Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo is trying to back track from explosive comments he made about domestic violence in the NFL.

Angelo was the Bears GM from 2001 to 2011, but he was associated with the NFL for 31 years.

According to an article in USA Today, he says the NFL glossed over hundreds and hundreds of domestic violence cases, and that he had made mistakes and he wasn't proud of it. He told the paper the Ray Rice video changed everything for him.

The story was a huge talker on talk radio Friday. Angelo is a weekly guest on the Kap and Haugh show, and WGN was there when he called in. He says the USA Today reporter didn't necessarily twist his words but took him out of context.

He says he has no knowledge of hundreds of domestic violence cases being swept under the rug and he says despite being quoted as being apart  of it, he now says he never covered up any problems while in the NFL or with the Bears.

"Under my watch, there was nothing we did that would bring any embarrassment that wasn't already on the record," Angelo said.

When WGN asked Bears Coach Marc Trestman if he had anything to say in regard to Angelo's remarks, he said: "I don't have any reaction to that at this point and time, other than to say that I think what we've done here is we pay close attention to everything that's going on with our players and I think that Phil does a great job of addressing those situations if they do come up.

The Bears issued a statement Thursday saying, "We were surprised by Jerry's comments and we don't know what he is referring to."

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  • secondtim434

    First Angelo starts to man up and then goes into the old tap dance back pedal routine. Jerry and Roger must have gone to the same class on “How to dene what I really said” after all it’s all about the show. The lives of defenseless women and children aren’t as important as a football game. Money trumps all, right Jerry? Kinda sounds like Penn State.

  • SurvivorofDV2

    I actually was going to stand up for Jerry when he had the courage to stand up for what wrongs have been done to women in the NFL, but then he started to back peddle. Shame on Ditka for shaming him into backing off his comments. My comments to Ditka are: At least Angelo had some type of guts to stand up, whereas the rest of you, have not stood up for what is right!!!

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