Waukegan teacher’s strike continues

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tuesday marked Day 4 of a teacher's strike in suburban Waukegan and no resolution in sight. 17,000 students and 1200 teachers remain out of the classroom and it looks like that could be the case for a fifth day tomorrow.

The strike comes at a critical time in the school year; for sports, after school activities and especially for seniors applying to college.

Parents, students and teachers have picked outside the district headquarters on Sheridan Rd.

Meanwhile, negotiators were back at the bargaining table again this afternoon. Teachers want a three year deal with a 9% raise in the first year and 7% raises for the years that follow. The school district--even with a $26 million reserve - says it can't possibly do that without bankrupting District 60.

The teachers union in Waukegan released a statement saying, “The Waukegan Board of Education had seventeen-and-a-half hours from the time they walked away from the bargaining table last night... they presented us a counter proposal that showed no movement. We want to end this strike, but until the Board shows a commitment to the community it serves by taking seriously these negotiations, the strike will not end.”

Meetings are expected to go well into the evening.

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  • HaroldB

    Fire them all! What a perfect example of why unions are so despised by the average American. While the average American is lucky to get a 2% raise each year these ungrateful, delusional, entitled unionistas are demanding 9%, 7% and 7% raises over three years! Not to mention they have guaranteed pensions, work eight months each year, retire in their ’50’s, receive a SECOND step raise each year, and don’t have to pay for their own health insurance FOR LIFE. The average American has NONE of this. What’s even more evil about the teachers union is that they always claim “think of the children” while THEIR pensions, raises, and benefits are siphoning the funds FROM the programs for the children. It’s time for taxpayers to WAKE UP and rid America of these leeches. FIRE THEM ALL, hire back all new teachers with reasonable salaries, give them 401K plans that THEY need to fund, get rid of step raises, increase the school year to 200 days (since our kids are failing miserably compared to the rest of the world), give them a health plan THEY have to pay for. That’s how the average American lives. It’s time to bring them back to reality. Unions are bankrupting towns and cities across America with unsustainable pensions, salaries and benefits. We need to stop this NOW before the rest of America becomes Detroit, Stockton, or Chicago.

  • Cheri2go

    What quality of teachers would want to work in Waukegan after the hate scenario described by HAROLDB ?
    Waukegan cannot afford bargin-bin discount teachers. Maybe HAROLDB would like ISIS or Illegal immigrants to teach Waukegan’s students for minimum wage? Get Serious….You ALWAYS get what you pay for, basic economics!

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