Midday Fix: Jonny Bowden’s tips for improving your memory

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Jonny Bowden



To prevent further brain shrinkage, stop smoking, drinking and using caffeine excessively.

Omega3s are important for cognitive function. Recent research has been done on chardonnay seed extract and guarana for memory benefits.

Crossword books and board games are good — but pick ones that are going to be a challenge. There are smartphone and iPad apps that allow you to quiz your brain.

Sleep is important. Try setting an alarm clock one hour before your bedtime. This is your cue that’s it is time to starting winding down and relax before bedtime. Green tea is also good to drink before bed because it can promote calmness and improve your sleep quality. Also, a key active ingredient in tea (EGCG), improves the communication between two areas of the brain that play a key role in memory.

Studies show resistance-style exercise improves cognitive function.

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