Integrys or ComEd? Chicago households have a choice to make

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Integrys Energy Services or ComEd?

That's the important, budget question facing Chicago residents now that new electric rates are in place this fall.

The city signed a two-year deal with Integrys in 2012. Thanks to changes in the electricity market place, it may make sense for Integrys customers to switch back to ComEd.

Integrys offers a lower rate, but a higher monthly fee. ComEd offers a higher rate, but no monthly fee.

“We continue to encourage customers to make an informed choice about their electricity supplier including the combined benefits of competitive rates, a completely coal-free supply and 5% generated by Illinois wind farms,” said Ron Cardwell, VP-direct mass markets.  “Those with questions about their effective rate can either use the CUB calculator or simply call Integrys Energy Services toll-free at 1-888-802-2885.”

The Citizens Utility Board introduced an online calculator that can help people decide which is the better service for their household and budget.

"Some customers will add to those savings, other customers will be better off switching back to ComEd, which they can do at no charge," said David Kolata, CUB Executive Director.

Switching back to ComEd can take up to two billing cycles.

Log on to Chicago Power Calculator  to find out which is best for you.





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  • Zebra Stripes

    Com-Ed is just another example of what is wrong with Illinois. They have the Commerce Commission in their pocket, so there’s no recourse when you have a complaint about them.

    • Ismael

      I agree 100% what Comed asks for they get. How can You have a higher delivery charge than the electricity used? This is like paying higher prices for the delivery of gasoline than the cost of the gasoline. How is this possible? I would like to ask Comed that question.

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