Police: Dismembered human remains on Southeast Side may be missing man

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Chicago police source tells WGN News that dismembered body parts found in a garage on the far Southeast Side may be the remains of a man missing from the neighborhood for more than a year.

A woman reported a strange odor coming from a trash bag in the garage near 133rd and Avenue M in the Hegewisch neighborhood Sunday.

She looked in the bag and found the man's remains wrapped in a blanket.

Detectives are waiting for autopsy results on whether it may be a man from the same block who was last seen in June of 2013.


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  • Eugene Dees

    Why was the black lady in the red dress on CNN today allowed to categorize the routine stop for a seat belt violation as a “racial”, scenario. For thirteen minutes the passenger of the vehicle refused to open his door as the officers requested, or exit the vehicle as ordered. I am shocked CNN allowed their TV spokesperson to label the incident as “racial”, when we all know that if the passenger in the vehicle had been white, he would have been tazed and removed from the car much sooner than thirteen minutes. It appears as if a pattern is developing in this country since the Ferguson protests. If the man just complied with what police asked him to do this would not have happened. Obviously, there is a positive correlation between black men and their “daring”, of authority figures to do their job. Why suddenly do black men expect to have MORE rights than anyone else? Ferguson, that’s why. And why has no one even mentioned the possibility that the unarmed teen in Ferguson was actually a racist himself ?