Bears fall to Panthers 31-24

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • RetiredinAz1

    Lamar Houston still has not proved his worth for his big payday….no sacks AGAIN! and then he has the nerve to put down fans on his twitter page? Hey lamar, I would rather eat-dirt than watch you play like you are demonstrating….sure would be more enjoyable!


    As a bears fan im done watching them play this year untile they change the coaching staff and quarterback I refuse and should all other bear fans watch cutler throw a enterception and go to the side lines and look dumb founded and when a coach trying to talk to him about his mistake he made he gets up and walk away don’t want to hear what the coaches are telling him what he did wrong he is uncoachable 6 years ago and is uncoachable now the franchise waste millions for nothing Mark Tressmen is not a football garue don’t see it and hes another lovi don’t show no emotion when players screw up he doesn’t teach his players discipline don’t know how and Mell Tucker defense coordinator what a joke Allen a waste and so is Lamar Houston must be nice for owners to see how they wast millions and cant win a home game good job Phil its easy to hope they do bad this season so they can get rid of the coaching staff and Cutler oh I ment Cut her is his name Hell the the want to throw away millions donate to the homeless THE BEARS SEAON IS DONE AND THE OWNERS SHOULD GIVE FANS BACK THERE MONEY. WHAT A RIP OFF ITS…