Dashcam captures SC trooper shooting unarmed man during traffic stop

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Warning: Viewer discretion advised.

A South Carolina trooper was fired last week and arrested Wednesday after a dashcam video captured him shooting an unarmed man during a routine traffic stop.

According to WIS-TV, the shooting in a parking lot of a Circle K in Columbia, S.C. on Sept. 4 after Lance Cpl. Sean Groubert pulled Levar Edward Jones over for a seat belt violation.

In the video released Wednesday night, Groubert asks for Jones’ license. Jones then checks his back pocket before going back to his vehicle.

Groubert then fires several shots at Jones, hitting him in the hip.

While Jones is on the ground, he asks Groubert “What did I do, sir?” Groubert then asks Jones if he was hit.

“I don’t know what happened,” Jones says in the video. “I was just getting my license.”

Groubert explains to Jones the reason he shot at him was because Jones dove head first in the vehicle.

Groubert is facing an assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature charge, which could carry 20 years in prison.

His attorney says Jones was reaching for his license “aggressively” and Groubert thought he was reaching for a gun.

Groubert pleaded not guilty and is free after posting a $75,000 bond.

He’s expected to appear in court on Oct. 28.

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  • Jeffrey Altman

    The facts as we see them in this video do not at all support this officer’s allegations. Sometimes, the police need to be policed! I would generally support our law enforcement officers, but this case is over-the-top and a message needs to be sent here. We do NOT live in a police state!

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