Restaurant: ‘Hard to please’ customers please dine elsewhere

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A San Francisco restaurant owner says he’s fed up with what he calls “hard to please” customers.

So James Chu posted a sign on his door using some colorful language to say he doesn’t believe in organic food, he uses MSG in his dishes and he doesn’t care about gluten-free.

He posted another sign asking customers who didn’t like it to take their business somewhere else.

Chu said the final straw came when a customer refused to pay because he didn’t like the meal.

He closed temporarily last week. But he’s back open again.

Critics say his attitude could cost him some business.

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  • Roger Waiterer

    Oh, they’ll lose customers, but 3 reasonable customers can be served well with the same amount of time and effort it takes to deal with delusional, entitled troublemakers, who have been trained to expect something for nothing (short of childish complaints). Major kudos to James Chu!

  • neeraj nigam

    Where is this restaurant. I will definitely dine there. I appreciate his views and support him whole heartedly. I his diners want to eat tasteless newspapers, they can have them. I want all the good tasting stuff, the MSG, the Sauce, the Spice etc

  • Mike

    Probably, the neighborhood and people are changing around his store. Because I am guessing if a person wants gluten free, vegan, organic, raw, mo-MSG food in San Francisco, they do not have to look very far. If the owner can not keep up with this customers, he should not complain about them. He needs to either meet the demands of his customers or go out of business.

    Times are changing. People are caring about what is in their food. They care about genetically modified foods. They care about organic. They care about their health. He either has to change with the times or find another line of work..

  • dconn4

    Good for him-I also own my own business, and am tired of whiny, passive-aggressive clients. If you don’t like what he puts in his food, don’t go in here, its’ a choice.(your and his!) We “punt” about a client a year that just gets to be just too much hard work. Just put out a good product at a competitive price and you will get clients. We are always polite, but if you are rude or sarcastic, you are booted. I’m not your slave.

  • Jeff stoller

    He might lose a few.. but I bet folks like me will become regulars and more than make up for them…..I HATE dining around whiny ‘ I’m allergic to everything,my body is a temple and want special treatment’ people…
    SO unpleasant listening to that in the next table for their 20 minute order…sheesh…

  • Jon B.

    As long as he makes it clear so that consumers can make an informed choice, I don’t care what he chooses to cook with. That said, he does sound every bit as bad as the customers he complains about.

  • Dean Curtis

    So far today, this still is America, where we can try to sell only chocolate-iced hammers if we want. It might be a great idea or a stupid one, but the risk and/or reward goes to the seller.