New WGN Morning News ‘promo:’ Nobody f#@king likes you

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Anchor Larry Potash has developed the latest WGN Morning News "promo."

The tagline says it all: "The highest rated morning show that nobody f#@king likes."

Watch the full promo in the player above -- we dare you not to laugh.

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  • cande

    I have been watching you guys for at least twenty years and love your crazy antics. I even laugh at “Eddie and Jobo”!!! Keep up the great work! All the best to you!!!

  • Missy

    I LOVE the morning news on WGN!!! I get up earlier than I need to just to watch before getting ready for work. I’ve been watching since I moved to Chicagoland 10 years ago and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Pamela black

    Absolutely think you guys are the best news team EVER! Moved here from Florida and tired of boobs in my face every morning. I think a breast implant is required for news in ft. Lauderale! I would rather hear your giggles!

  • Christina

    When I go to someone’s house and they have a different channel on, I change it for them and I’m like your welcome…. any other news puts me back to sleep 😃

  • ESJ

    Love it! I think you should air this promo all over the country :) I ALWAYS watch WGN in the morning – could care less what the temperature is in Central Park.

  • James Minarcik

    WGN stands for Worlds Greatest Newspaper thanks to the Tribune.Was able to listen to it when stationed in Italy in the sixties.Always listen in my car and watch morning and afternoon tv.
    You know when to make listeners laugh and when to be serious. Best station on radiokeep up the good work. and tv

  • Daniel Fleming

    F**K these haters who don’t like WGN! Uptight miserable conservatives no doubt! Let them keep watching their boring conservative news shows. YOU guys are SO refreshing to watch! I am only 24, but have been watching WGN Chicago news basically my entire life! I LOVE that you guys know how to laugh and make some optimism with all of the negative news there is to report (I do however think that the new 2 hour 4-6pm news is a bit long tho!) Haters: SHOVE it where the light don’t shine!!! WE LOVE YOU WGN!!!

  • Jackie Minelli

    @ evlwife. That is the time I watch the most. They are refreshing, amnd serious when they have to be. They get their point across and entertain also. I am not a fan of the 4-6 slot. but i still watch from until they are done at 10.

  • Pat M.

    I have been watching WGN news from the first day it started in the morning. You guys are the best! I always go to work talking about something you said or did. You are a great team – love how you all get along!!

  • Tara B.

    I f#*~£ing LOVE you guys- what humor and personality you lend to the dreary news- I tune in with you guys with my first cup of coffee- a day without you is like a day without sunshine! That person has no sense of humor or style..

  • ms.mico

    ALLLLL i have to say…is…without the morning HAHA…i might not be in such a great mood every day of the work week…Thank you, Larry, Robin, Paul, Pat, Erin, Tom and all you other lovely people on WGN!! You make my day start off just right. :)

  • Cathy

    I am a huge fan of wgn newS but the morning team IS MY FAVORITE. I have been watching speicfically the morning staple of the group, Larry, Robin, Paul and Dean for about 20 years. Pat has been a welcome and fitting addition to the team. I do enjoy Mark in the evening however I am not as loyal to the evening program as I am to MY morning team. I I thank you for your light hearted & comical moments and I appreciate your sensitivity at the right moments. One of my favorite memories of you of you all on 9/11/2001 – you stayed with us, and you showed the same emotions (shock, fear & horror) as the rest of us. You have a team that fit like a glove, treat each other like family and make me feel just plain good in the mornings. Let the haters go on, free speech and all that, everyone has haters. Nothing could change me watching WGN morning news except if they split up the heart of the show. See you tomorrow morning!

  • Dawn Alvarez

    I have been watching wgn in the morning forever and I love you guys. News is most often morbid, sad and generally pretty dull. But, you make it fun and interesting. These people who are gripping should just shut up and just change the channel, I’m sure you guys have enough fans that you won’t miss someone who would rather watch the other boring guys.

  • Matt Erickson

    So … is the second viewer letter verbatim what was actually written in, or is that an error from the graphics department? “I’ll will …”? It should just be “I will,” which is what Larry says. Not to be a Debbie Downer or anything, because the gist of the bit is pretty funny. It’s just too bad it had to be ruined with a typo.

  • Josephine Negron


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