‘I couldn’t be prouder:’ Chicago’s incoming Archbishop Cupich greets press, answers questions

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Chicago's more than 2 million Catholics are getting a closer look at their new archbishop, Blase Cupich.

Feeding the frenzy around his new appointment, Archbishop Blase Cupich held another press conference today after a whirlwind trip to visit his family to celebrate his new role as leader of Chicago's Catholic Church.

As he announced today a new position within an organization he has long supported and been active with, Archbishop Cupich talked about the changes ahead and how he plans to reach his goals as archbishop of Chicago and chancellor of the Catholic extension.

“I look forward to really continuing that tradition of building faith, inspiring hope and igniting change. That is really part of the wonderful heritage and I couldn't be prouder than to continue that for the rest of my days as bishop,” he said.

His days will be filled now with getting to know Chicago and its 2.2 million Catholics.

Before tackling the many projects in the Chicago church, including major financial challenges, the new archbishop first must decide where to live. Will he move into the residence where Francis Cardinal George has lived, or will he model Pope Francis taking a more humble home than the lavish old town residence?

He effectively won over Bears fans tonight donning his new Bears hat and scarf-- admitting he is reading the sports page to get to know Chicago a little better as he awaits his installation November 18th.

Archbishop Cupich will be at the Catholic Extension Bishops conference for several days delivering a previously planned speech on the economic impact of bringing the joy of the gospel to the poor. Then it's back to Spokane to wrap up business there to return and embrace an admittedly overwhelming job, but one in which he already feels at ease.

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