Two in custody for downtown Chicago tow truck scam

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Chicago streets and sanitation worker and his relative are under arrest for using a city tow truck to move vehicles then pocketing money from the owners of the vehicles to get them back.

40-year old Lennie Perry and 28-year-old Arica Perry are charged with theft by deception.

The two would pick-up vehicles and take them near -- but not inside -- a city impound on lower Wacker Drive.

Owners would then show-up and ask for their vehicles.

That's when they would take $150, then drive owners to their cars in the vicinity.

Authorities say the scheme was going on for about two months.

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  • Marina Gipps

    The City of Chicago Streets & Sanitation towed a LEGALLY parked vehicle with a properly displayed handicap placard from handicapped spot on Wabash on Labor Day weekend. We went to court submitting PROOF. It took them no time to extort the money but it could take as long as three months to return money. We bought an attorney with us for this simple case because we DO NOT TRUST the City. We even paid 13.00 for a meter (which is NOT required in handicap space) & it had an hour & 8 minutes left on the meter at the time they ticketed & towed. I have contacted @ChicagosMayor via Twitter & his office has not responded. We are Democrats. This is not a partisan issue but the corruption is epidemic here. We were told to not ask questions. We just want All of the money returned including the parking meter which is privatized city crap by LAS . We are OWED an apolology. We thought our car was stolen & we came back to fight for ADA COMPLIANCE from the City of Chicago. Yet there is ZERO response from people in charge. Our point is after experiencing corruption against a woman with a rare illness & her daughter with two knee surgeries having their car towed that those in charge perpetuate thug behavior by turning a blind eye. IT IS NO SHOCK THAT THE CRIMINAL WORKED FOR STREETS & SANITATION when the City behaves with no standard of ETHICS whatsoever.

    • Rome

      Right on! We are being bullied and fined for everything! And they want there money immediately! And make sure you have your shit together cause if you complain they will find something against you!

    • Gerald Thomas

      Ms. Gipps I agree with you that this city is corrupt from the inner all the way to the outer core! There is no “Perfect” candidate in this race for mayor and you not even vote. But to all that may read this, don’t give up on the democracy! Yes! What happend was a pain the left and right ass cheek i’m sure…..but we all have a job to do and thaty is to clean out city hall from the head allthe way to the foot soldiers. We can do this and we all must send a clear and stern message that ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!!! This coming election on February 24,2015 will be so important to whereas you just cannot sit this one out. C’mon Ms.Gipps I know you are sick of what this city has become but you can help change things for the better.

  • Can't Fix Stupid

    And yo
    U will continue to vote the same people back in office time and time again! Now who are the stupid ones? The politicians know you too lazy and too ignorant to change anything and they will continue their business as usual.

  • mad chicagoan


  • javier

    this scam has been going on longer den all of Chicago goes same thing happen to me I went to the pound but on the way there I notice my car park 1 block away on city streets I just open my car search to see if anything was missing doors were unlock started it and just pulled away noi problem at all never got a notice or nothing and this was in 2007