Midday Fix: Marathon training tips

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Megan Sullivan

Magellan Ready to Run 20 Miler
September 21
6:30 a.m.
Lakefront path - Hollywood to Jackson Park


Final Miles Marathon Clinic

October 1


LakeShore East


For more information:


The clothing shown today is available from:

ASICS Bucktown
1630 N. Damen

Last Minute Training Tips:

Don't make any big changes. Keep these things consistent - nutrition, shoes, gear, sleep schedule.

Stay hydrated and get your carbs. Do not overdo it, a lot of runners think they need to wolf down large quantities of pasta and bread, when this could actually leave them feeling lethargic on race day.

Keep your running buddies close. Don't get caught up in your own head and waste energy on being nervous or scared. It helps to talk to people who are going through the same thing.

Repeat positive mantras. The mental aspect of training and racing is so crucial. During this time, practice channeling your energy into positive vibes. Even if you are not sure you can hit your goal, tell yourself and others you are going to do it and you will. Some examples: "I've done the work and I'm ready for this", "I chose to race and I'm going to have some fun out there" *When things get tough, I'll push through"

DO NOT GO OUT TOO FAST. Patience is key. You will feel like you are running slow in the beginning, but stay on your pace.

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