Criminal indictment announced against cop accused of sticking gun in suspect’s mouth

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A criminal indictment against Chicago Police Commander Glenn Evans, was formally announced Thursday.

He's accused of sticking a gun in a suspect's mouth.

The 52-year-old stood in court to face a superseding indictment accusing him of aggravated battery and official misconduct in a 2013 incident where Evans allegedly brutalized Ricky Williams.

"Commander Evans is entitled to the same level of constitutional guarantees that any other person is," said Evans' attorney Linda Morask, who worked as a Cook County State's Attorney for 25 years.

She says the probe into the matter is deeply flawed, to begin with, because she says investigators never interviewed her client.

"Something you always do before a case is charged is you ask the quote -unquote 'suspect' their side of the story. Or their account. And it was not done," Morask said.

As to published reports of 11 prior suspensions for Evans, with dozens of excessive-force complaints over the course of his career, Morask defends her client.

"For a 30-year decorated police officer who's in a high crime area,  anybody who is out there everyday, doing this type of work, nobody likes to be arrested, and complaints are just that - complaints," Morask said. "I could complain you threw my mother off a building and that doesn't make it true."

Morask says she's also filed a subpoena to get to the bottom of who leaked crime lab reports to media outlet WBEZ radio that show DNA evidence of Wiliams' saliva on Evans' gun. The former prosecutor believes the guilty party was someone on the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA.)

"There's nobody else who had the DNA reports. The state's attorney didn't have it. The crime lab sent it to IRPA," she said.

Responding to the leak allegations, Larry Merritt with the Independent Police Review Authority says they're trying to understand how the documents came into the possession of WBEZ. He adds that releasing documents from a pending investigation is not how the authority operates.

Adding to the drama, a lawyer representing the Independent Police Review Authority tried to file a motion today to quash the subpoena filed by Evans' lawyers. But the judge said he'll have to take that up at Evans arraignment on September 24.

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