NFL criticized for handling of Brandon Marshall allegations

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The NFL is under increasing fire for its handling of domestic violence cases, and now: abuse allegations are resurfacing against Chicago Bears star wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

The father of one of Marshall's ex-girlfriends stepped forward to complain.

A teary-eyed Kristeena Spivey says she saw her friend Reesheda Watley's injuries after being repeatedly beaten by Marshall.

Marshall is the latest in a string of NFL players to be accused of domestic violence -- although these aren't new allegations. A 2009 knife incident led to Marshall being suspended for one game and giving up two game paychecks. He was supposed to serve a three game suspension.

Marshall has repeatedly denied hurting Watley. Her father said he reached out to the Broncos and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, begging for help and says he got nowhere.

Wednesday's news conference was done to bring attention to this kind of flip-flopping on decisions and having what she says is no or little punishment for players accused of violence against women and children.

For example, the Minnesota Vikings reversing it's decision on Adrian Peterson after a second allegation of abuse against another son emerged. Two days after saying their star running back would play, Peterson is now barred from the team while he deals with his arrest in Texas on the beating charges.

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  • cwl1968


    You dont have a problem with what Ray Rice did???!!!… the next victim of domestic abuse… could be YOUR daughter.

    Barbarian Beat-her-son is a modern day “Cracka” who thinks his sons name is Kunta Kinte…

    Would you do that to your own child… if so you are a child abuser…get help now… for the sake of your children.

    The NFL (National Felons League) has become a monopoly run by money hungry morally corrupt millionaires who are backed by other money hungry morally corrupt millionaire advertisers and played by wife beating, child abusing, animal cruelty, steroid using, alcoholic, rapist and whining pretty boy millionaires who have hung up their jock straps and now wear dresses while trying not to damage their peticures… all because some neive people still pay to see what used to be a real game of iron man football but has now become a disgrace to the real game of football and a shameful role model for our children. The NFL has become and from this point on will always be a morally corrupt joke.


  • R Raven.

    Geesh, Brandon Marshalls’ already paid his fines, suspensions, gone through counseling, repented of his horrific act more than 5 years ago, to throw him into this current news is just CHEAP journalism!
    Abuse of any kind is bad/wrong and people need to be held accountable for ANY of it, Brandon Marshall has turned his whole life around and is now a fine respectable Man & Husband.

  • Regina Lynn Nichols

    All these women are jUst trying to capitalize off the alleged attacks. I’m sure Adrian didn’t usE a switch on his kid. I can’t hold much accountability to the Ray rice situation because she hit him first. And still married him. If you’re going to throw a punch at a big boy then you better be willing and able to take one. Yeah he shouldn’t have left her laying there like that. That part could have been handled better. I have seen domestic violence. My parents used to fight all the time. Like I said, if you can’t take it, don’t give it.

  • Michelle Douglas Bridges

    Enough is enough. Brandon Marshal has nothing to do with Peterson and Rice. His past is his past. This young man has an illness that was untreated at a time. The disease alone is accented by alcohol usage and abuse is a system of the disease itself. If we are to forgive someone and allow them time to change and correct their negative impacted behavior; then NO ONE should be focusing on it or even bringing it back to the lime light. The fact is this man knows what he did was wrong. He knows that he had to make changes within his life and did so in order for history not to repeat! He has had a clean cut; drastically changed profile compared to 5 years ago. The media wants to us him; do so as an example that people can change. People can recognize what their faults are and change them as he has and NOT just the fact in 2006 and 2009 he was arrested for the same charges as Rice!

  • Curtis F Smith MA CMC

    Why is the NFL being criticized for the handling of the Brandon Marshall allegations when they are his boss and not his minister! It seems like as always there is a black star hunt, by that I mean why are there no white ball players being called out for their troubles? The main issue here is not even about race! The thing is these people need help not punishment! Who wins when you fire them, or don’t let them work for a period of time? (Those who don’t know how much more good counseling will do?) Wake up America and let’s work on healing and not more harming! Would you feel better if you could just hit these fools back in the eye? Now ask yourself what does that say about you? That’s right go to counseling not to jail… Wait tell me this is this just an issue for black ball players? If you wont real news let’s talk about ALL of the people in all of the careers having these issues, that would be some kind of news story and it might even bring some results to this issue.
    And that’s my 2 cents.
    Curtis F Smith MA Career Management and Counseling

  • ZebraStripes

    Why is the NFL responsible for what these guys do off the field? I don’t agree with what they did at all, but it’s a police matter.

  • Bob

    I agree 100% with zebrastripes, what is the difference if it is an NFL player or some joe shmo that beats his wife or girlfriend. If you do the crime you got to do the time.

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