Local couple says they’ve been targeted in a hate crime — twice

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A far northwest suburban couple says they’ve been targeted in a hate crime -- twice.

Racial slurs were scribbled all over their garage and vehicle.

James and Cindy Dunklin have been married for 6 years now. They live in a home in McHenry, Ill., where Cindy also runs a daycare.

On Wednesday morning, the couple was mortified after finding someone had scribbled racial slurs on their garage and vehicle.

James Dunklin tells WGN he’s taking this message personally.

"It says go away, using that word that starts with an N, or else, and in big bold letters, 'die,'" James said, saying he feels threatened.

And the Dunklins say this in not the first time this has happened.

In 2012, the same racial slur was written on their garage in shoe polish.

“To me it’s quite identical. I mean if you look at the lettering and the way it’s done, the way it’s written. It’s dead on identical," James said.

The couple tells me they called police both times, and detectives have told them they’re investigating Wednesday's threat.

The couple believes Wednesday's threat was written with permanent marker.

“it’s just disturbing. 2014, and we’re still doing this kind of stuff," James said. “I’m not moving, so if that was the mission, I’m sorry, I’m not moving. Am I uncomfortable? Yes. Am I concerned? Yes.”

“This is ridiculous. It’s uncalled for and it needs to stop. Nobody needs to be treated this way," Cindy said.

The Dunklins say they’ve narrowed down the time of this incident to a 30-minute window following when a parent dropped-off their child.

Police tell me they plan to step-up patrols in the area.

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  • maurice brown

    They’re not moving and those cowards who wrote that aint gonna bust a grape at a grape factory. Clowns. Cowards. Say it to the mans face if ya feel so strongly about blacks over populating. If fact, now his cousins are probably gonna moved to the hood for safety measures. Give the haters something 2 really hate about. Now God bless all of the good hearted people out there white, black, mexican, arab, indian, asian, native, gay, str8, disabled, veterans, etc. And imma end this post by saying this 2 all the Obama critics… why continue to suffer from high blood pressure due 2 all the hate ur projecting at a man who’s obviously not going anywhere and is doing a better job than any of our previous potus considering the state Bush left this country. And I bet u my last dollar that unless theres some missing chads on voting day in all 50 states, Republicans will never win the seat again. And it has nothing 2 do with race. People are tired of evil doers in power. Goodnight folks. And to Rocky…… before those towns were all white they were all Native American.
    Remember smarty pants :)
    Goodnight lol

  • Dick Beninya

    2 words……security camera. You can get em for less than the price of a paint job on the door. Then you got proof. You really have to consider all your actions are potentially on tape these days.

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