Mayor Emanuel to invest $800k for homeless veterans

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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Mayor Rahm Emanuel is promising to end homeless for Chicago veterans by the end of next year.

The Mayor made that bold pledge during the announcement of a joint effort with federal and local organizations to help homeless vets.

The federal government is providing 80 percent of the $5 million needed each year to cover subsidized housing, supportive services, and other forms of assistance for homeless veterans.

Mayor Emanuel says the city will invest more than $800,000 and close the gap on the remaining funding.

The announcement was made Tuesday morning at Hope Manor Apartments on the West Side.

The complex is one of three permanent residences for city veterans.


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  • August

    Those facilities are not HOUSING; they are prison-like insane asylums. And they are not for HOMELESS VETERANS, they are for veterans who are classified as “CHRONIC” homeless; 90% of the homeless veterans will never qualify for these places and will remain on the streets.

    • Solidrok

      That’s not true. Hope Manor and Hope Manor II are incredible facilities. I have personally been to both and have seen the living conditions. They were built with the mind set that if they were no longer needed for homeless vets then they could be used immediately for standard market rent and they would be competitive in that right. Also these to facilities house over 200 veterans that is more than 20% of the estimated homeless veteran population and that’s only one organization. You seem like you know some statistics or outlying facts but you should really look into things before bashing them. #themoreyouknow

  • Solidrok

    I did want to leave one more comment on this article… I love the way Rham stepped up and put his foot down about veteran homelessness in the city of Chicago. Too bad it wasn’t his idea at all… there has been an initiative to end veteran homelessness in the city from the VA since 2009 or before. He is stepping up right now and saying look at me, look at what I came up with! Maybe he would’ve gotten more recognition and praise if he were to give recognition where recognition is due.

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