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Cleanup underway in Humboldt Park following Riot Fest mess

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

The annual Riot Fest music festival in Humboldt Park may have been a success over the weekend, but now the grounds are a muddy mess following Friday's rains.

WGN's Sarah Jindra tells us about the clean-up efforts that are underway to return the neighborhood to its natural state.

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  • Mike

    Riot Fest: The only weekend in the year when no one gets shot in Humboldt Park! So quit yer belly aching about some trash that needs to be picked up…

  • mariaakaestrella

    Keep our parks safe! Save the animals! This is a historical park and only chicago natives should get it. Its not about racism. Big crowds need to be in a grounded place like Navy Pier or Soldierfield. Stop messing up Grant Park and Humboldt Park or any other Park. Its not for sale. Bring more nature venues to the park. I listen to this music with my boys. But when i invite you and you put your feet on my coffee table you best believe I wIll be irritated. Same analogy.

    • Evan

      Riot Fest is paying to not only repair but improve the park. It’s not a mystery, they’re very open about the impact on the community and doing what they can to make it positive.


    1) The tab is picked up by the organizers, so stop whining about your precious tax dollars.
    2) These events bring in over $100million in revenue for local business and that equals tons of local sales & hospitality tax revenue for the city. Perhaps we should outsource these festivals to Skokie and just increase property taxes instead? Seriously, its once a year and they are peaceful events…unlike those “grounded” events – Taste of Chicago/any other evening in Humboldt Park.