Teachers and students outraged over sudden firing of principal

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Students and teachers at Marshall High School are angry over Friday's surprise announcement that Marshall principal Angel Johnson has been fired.

Chicago Public Schools officials explained the decision to teachers and staffers and introduced a new principal Monday morning after an impromptu protest was held outside the school at 3250 W. Adams St.

Critics of the firing say Marshall High’s graduation rates, attendance and discipline have all improved under Johnson's leadership, and she doesn't deserve to be fired.

CPS officials released a statement saying Marshall recently received a three-year grant that was contingent on leadership change at the school.




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  • Dick Beninya

    I do not understand why these people complain both about the quality of something ( education, crime, parks, neighborhood….you pick) but then mount a boisterous fight to every attempt at correction.

  • anonymous

    If the district was going to do this, shouldn’t they have done it BEFORE the school year started? Talk about a massive disruption… Kids at Marshall already have the odds against them… The district just made things worse.

    • Dick Beninya

      I agree. This kind of activity rarely happens. There is probably an aggravating factor to the issue. But I really don’t see how the students are affected by these front office changes. In the classroom, maybe but I never interacted with the principal of my high school

  • anonymous

    I definitely agree as I rarely interacted with my own principal in high school. As a former teacher at a school just like Marshall I would agree that most students probably did not interact with her on a daily basis either. But the problem is that these are kids who need consistency in their lives and many are not getting it at home. So when a leader suddenly leaves they are affected. They may not be able to articulate it in just this way, but they will probably feel the lack of /change in leadership in a negative way. They may feel abandoned, or they may feel that suddenly they can “run the show” because she is gone. There must have been a better way for this to be handled. Also, previous news articles cite that Johnson had to reapply for her job this summer. So if that is what this is stemming from, then that is a double shame on the district for not doing what they obviously intend to do before teachers reported back.

    • Former Marshall worker

      Well you guys are wrong Johnson was in the halls everyday talking to kids and was at the door every morning when they walked in the building

      • anonymous

        You’re probably right… All I was saying was that I doubt she had personal relationships with EVERY SINGLE STUDENT because that’s just not possible and it’s okay. I am defending her because this was a crappy move by CPS.

  • Eric C. Huge

    Really??!! CPS was involved?? Inquiries??? Shocking…just go on strike again. Quinn & Emanual couldn’t hit water if they fell out of boat.

  • Yvette Allison

    I was very upset that Ms. Johnson was let go. She was the best thing that ever happen to Marshall and children and parents look forward to talking with her. She adjust her time to sit down and talk with me. This was a mess

    • Dick Beninya

      Why you say that? Most people aren’t hired to tell the truth, they are hired to say the company line, as you are a spokesman for your company. How long would a cashier last at the Golden Arches if they ” told everyone the truth” about the nutritional value of the food you just spent $10 per person on, or a salesperson that tells a customer that the item they are buying is 30% cheaper at a competitor…..

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