Pedestrian dies after being hit by Wheeling patrol car

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A pedestrian was hit and killed by a Wheeling Police car along McHenry Road near Cedar Run Drive this morning.

The officer was on-duty at the time.

Police say it happened just before 6 this morning.

The victims was identified as 20 year old Fredi Morales of Des Plaines.

Investigators have not yet released details of the circumstances of the crash.

The Lake County Major Crash Assistance Team is investigating. Police also ask witnesses to the crash to call (847) 469-2632.


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    • Bob


      where does it say the cop was speeding?
      Maybe the pedestrian walked in front of a car? Get some facts first before you assume that the cop was speeding and/or was intoxicated.

      • Edward Douglas

        Witness reports say he was speeding, with no lights or sirens. He needs to be charged and do heavy prison time if this is the case. Those with most power and authority, need the most accountability and consequences when said authority and power is abused.

      • Gaby

        I don’t think he’ll be that dumb to walk in front of the car. Maybe if the police didn’t abuse of his power and had at least turned his lights or something showing he had an emergency none of this would had happened put some sense in your comment

    • uhhhhh-that was dumb

      dont be dumb, it was 5:45 in the morning and he was running across the street. likely with headphones on.
      Go there next sunday at 5:45 am and see how many pedestrians are crossing the street. not sure why you think the cop needs a breathalizer. .

  • Edward Douglas

    According to witnesses the cop was flying and no lights or sirens were on. This is manslaughter. The County State’s attorney needs to get charges filed. There needs to be a clear message sent to law enforcement that negligence will leas to severe accountability.

    • Anon

      Well turns out the officer is a 22 yr vet of the department so guess what..he gets away with manslaughter. They said he was “operating within standard procedures” LOL its all bullshit the corruption runs deep. They are above the law and can speed atleast 30mph over the speed limit all lights off if the want to.

      • Frogged

        Witnesses won’t come forward for fear of deportation .
        I have survived. Tip: avoid crossing dark streets when intoxicated, and if possible try the old fashioned trick of looking both ways before you cross.

  • Jade

    Also, based on the damage to the car as well as the as yet unreported condition of the victims body (I used to live in the area and know people that live nearby), there is no way this cop was not speeding. Simple physics will eventually be able to prove that. There is a lot more to this story that isn’t yet being reported/possibly covered up by the police.

  • Kami

    This is rediculous! I see how police officers drive all the time! They think that because they are cops, they own the roads. This is not right and this cop has to pay for it, justice should be served! !!!!!!!!

  • Bobby

    I just love all your armchair quaternack comments. Unless everybody that has commented was there and a witness you guys need to take a chill pill. What if this officer was responding to a call to help you or a family member? You would be the first one to bitch they werent there fast enough. Unless you know facts and not speculation shut the hell up!!

    • Edward Douglas

      Are you or have you been a first responder? It does not matter if he was responding to a call. Public safety comes first. Public safety comes first! PUBLIC SAFETY COMES FIRST!!! This includes if he was running lights and sirens. Witnesses say he was not which makes this even worse.

  • LetsBeHonestHere

    Agreed, Bobby. Lets get all the facts. Wheeling PD is the first to release detailed information to the press regarding any and all cases to which they are involved with, including names, immediately. The question that so many have right now is why is the Wheeling PD withholding pertinent information? Over 24 hours have passed and they’ve remained silent. Any member of the general public would not have an opportunity to cover their a**es. Additionally, I think witnesses may be better served if they contact the Lake County Major Crash Assistance Team, not Wheeling PD as suggested in their press release, as they (WPD) will most likely be named a defendant when the victim’s family files suit. This does not look good for the Village of Wheeling and is tarnishing a department to which I hold much higher expectations.

  • Bobby

    Yes Edward I am a first responder and have been for 13 years. R U? There are times when collisions can not be avoided no matter the circumstances. Are these witnesses that said he was “flying” trained in speed detection? There are times when it looks like somebody may be traveling fast and I have turned my radar on on they are going the speed limit. What one person thinks might be “flying” might not be to another.

    • Edward Douglas

      Yes to your question. Putting the public in danger in route to a call will not hold up in court. You are obligated to ensure you do not kill innocent people, just as the public is suppose to yield to emergency vehicles. If this is how you or your department is responding (driving like a loon), you are gambling…with people’s lives and your freedom.

  • Jane Dee

    In other newspaper they say an “unidentified officer”. Wow.
    I hope the victim and his family gets justice. “nobody” deserves to be in this situation.

  • winner-winner-chicken-liver

    Keep it simple… sunrise is not until 6:30. At least his headlights should have been on.
    If your going to cross a road, look both ways. Likely sirens are not required for the type of call the officer had.
    In addition, we need to see if the clothing the victim had one were dark/light. I live near by and no, you dont see people walking around at 5:45 on Sunday morning. There is also the chance the victim was intoxicated. was he walking back to DesPlaines at 5:45 am, afte being with ALL his family, no of wich could give him a ride? the “more to this story” lies with the victim. yes it is tragic, but look at the obvious.

    • Edward Douglas

      Right—because the burden falls on PEDESTRIANS and not drivers. We also should blame the victim in this case for not wearing proper clothing. Are you nuts? Are you intoxicated? The burden of not endangering the public, falls on the driver (cop or not).

      • mark

        You are wrong….burden falls on both parties, the driver and pedestrian. Both are responsible for safe road rules, driver should obey rules and so does pedestrian crossing the street in designated area. Don’t go on a rampage trying to hang the cop, at this point nobody knows who is at fault.

  • not a sheeple

    I am sick of police and PD’s that are abusive, opportunistic, and corrupt. I have not been served well by my local PD, I have 3 friends that have been violently treated in separate unrelated events . Though all 3 fully cooperative, they were beaten and injured, and even with the help of lawyers were unable to have the badge wearing thugs meet justice. I even have one cop friend who says he retired early because he is no longer able to protect and serve, he now feels there has been a shift to oppression and removal of freedom. It is a shame.

  • you can't handle the truth

    Anyone who thinks this has anything to do with “corruption”, “abusive cops”, “being above the law” is likely the people that cause the crime in this area.
    To think that someone who has put his life on the line for the last 22 years protecting and serving the people of wheeling, (a good majority in that “hood” that are not US citizens) would want to ever hit someone with a vehicle is foolish.
    This is a terrible tragedy, and it should not have happened.
    What really happened will become available, just don’t jump to conclusions

  • not a sheeple

    If any of us, who are not police, had done this our names would have been in the paper that day. Why does a cop of 22 years receive different treatment than any of us? Was he arrested, or allowed to go home? All fair questions.