Cardinal George meets with fired gay music director

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Francis Cardinal George met with the music director of a suburban church who was fired for declaring his intention to marry his gay partner.

Colin Collette was fired as music director of Holy Family Church in Inverness last month, when the pastor at the church was told that Colette, who worked at the church for the past 18 years, got engaged to his long time male partner.

Colette says he never hid his sexuality from the church and didn't expect to be fired.

He asked for this meeting with Francis Cardinal George to clear the air, perhaps asking for help getting his job back.

Collete left the meeting at the cardinal’s office Tuesday afternoon with a smile on the face and told WGN the meeting was very pastoral. He and the cardinal discussed some topics and prayed together, but he wouldn't get into if he would be getting his job back with the church.

The cardinal did not talk to WGN today, saying in a statement, "It is a private meeting. There will be no cameras."

Cardinal George said yesterday about today's meeting that this crisis was caused by Colin's decision and he wanted to simply talk about what was going on.

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1 Comment

  • Teddy

    It is apparent that many have lost the respect and love of God and his house of worship but the question that nugs me most is why? We need to ask ourselves this get to the bottom of it all and act accordingly.
    For a long time the church has been treated as an institution and not the house of God, the common phrase of come as you are the church accepts you as you are is incomplete in that Christ tells us to come to him we who are heavy laden and he will give us his york which is light, simply put this means that we each have a role and responsibility but we cannot serve 2 masters we are either for God or for the evil one whose intent has never been good for man and from time immemorial his agenda has been to fight Gods church and get has many has he can into damnation and what better way than to cause Christians to fight each other and get them so confused that they cant tell if they are coming or going. In the days of Sodom and Gomorrah there were many like in today’s world that were on the fence of right and wrong ………., they perished…, For our Church leaders it pains me that they have succumbed to keeping numbers in the church rather than the faith so all these ungodly acts have been entered into the church so the questions come…..
    1) Can the holy spirit of God dwell in an unsanctified house of worship?
    2) are our gatherings meaningful if we incorporate worldly views into Gods precepts?
    3) Does God accept our offerings of praise and worship when we offer them in these dirtied disrespectful ways?
    4) Are we justified and acceptable before God almighty in arguing our misconcepts instead of accepting his gracious salvation?
    5) Where do we hold God in our lives?
    The distinction has to be drawn for the church to fulfill its obligation to the will of God for the world and the gospel taught impartially to the whole world.