7 charged in gruesome machete attack on CTA Brown Line

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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Seven people have been charged in brutal attack on the city's Brown Line platform where one person was cut in the head with a machete.

Around 12:30 a.m. Monday, a 26-year-old man and a 17-year-old boy were waiting for the Brown Line train at the Kedzie stop.

A group of seven, 6 males and one female, surrounded them on the platform and someone in the group told them to flash their gang signs and they refused, telling the group they weren't in a gang.

That's when police say Mario Elvira pulled out a machete and started swinging. He struck the 26-year-old according to police leaving deep cuts to his neck and head. He continued to violently swing the weapon until the next train showed up on the platform and perhaps forced the group to run.

Police later caught up with the 4 adults and 3 juveniles charged with the incident 18-year-old Elvira, 19-year-old Kevin Ramirez, 20-year-old Kevar Preston and 23-year-old Jean Salvatierra. They are all charged with robbery, aggravated battery and trespassing on the CTA. The three minors, two males and one female, also face charges.

The victim was rushed to Swedish Covenant Hospital and at last check was listed in stable condition.

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    • Carrie

      Their parents are oh so proud of them just because they can speak a few words of broken English. Then, they tell everyone back in Mexico how great their little darlings are doing. They ARE POS and need to be punished (by “punished”, I mean sent back to their POS country where they belong).

      • journeytojames

        Okay Carrie. Since it’s such an “immigration” issue, what about that white man on the North side that went around stabbing at people. Oh wait, that probably slipped your mind since he wasn’t a minority.

      • nathan

        Wow, you should be ashamed of yourself. These boys, men and girl are awful, despicable people. Why can’t that be enough? Do you have to interject your vile, disgusting bigotry into an already horrible situation. If your mother is proud of you, she either doesn’t know you very well or must share the same inner-ugliness as you.

      • alf564

        Carrie, I just love your fan club. I wonder if they watched the video that was taken in a Krogers parking lot of the black punks attacking the white guy…I think he worked for Krogers…the black girl doing a video yelled they goy a white dude
        or something similar … hey al and jesse, where the H are you???

      • glauber

        Nonsense. Deportation is not a punishment. If they’re deported, they’re still free men, and they absolutely do not deserve to walk freely in any society on earth.

  • Yolanda

    @Rocky–what happened was horrific and should never happen to anyone, anywhere, for any reason. The article never stated where the attackers came from….so quit fanning the flames of hatred with racist remarks. Now I am 100% Mexican, born and raised in the Chicago area and I attended University in the city. The couple times I was mugged at knife-point it was not by Latinos, just so you know. The real problem here is out-of-control gang activity, and the sad fact that everyday people are unsafe going about their daily business.

    • Estone

      @Yolanda, as a white American, I feel I need to point out that just like not every Mexican is an illegal thug in a gang, not every white person is a raciest redneck piece of trash like all the ones replying to your comment. Ignore them, they don’t represent my race anymore then these gang member represent yours. Glad to call you a fellow Chicagoan.

      • rocky

        Estone you are clearly a brainwashed white fool.As a white person you are not allowed to have any racial identity. Any white person that dares to notice all these mob attacks are perpetrated by the black and Hispanics is labelled a racist. You likely live far away from the black and Latino dysfunction for your own safety and blast those that tell the truth. Get off your high horse, hypocrite!

      • Estone

        @rocky (replying to my own comment because I can’t reply to your reply from some reason.)

        You’re 100% right. There has never been a mob mentality among white people. There differently isn’t a large mob of white people trying to keep perfectly harmless Mexican’s out of our country because they share a race with a small group of thugs. There has never been a mob of white people that hung black teenagers for talking to a white woman. There differently isn’t a nation wide organized mob of white people with the soul goal of oppressing all non-white people (the KKK). An angry mob of white people differently never tied a man to the back of a car and pulled him down the highway until he died because he was gay. I’m positive there has never been a high school girl raped by a mob of white football players at a party who felt they were untouchable because of their status as a group. Nope. None of that. Mob mentality only happens to people with dark skin. (in case you missed it, all of this has happened fairly recently.)

        As far as your claim that I only feel this way because I stick to the safety of whites, I grew up in Iowa, my roots are as white as they get. Yet my college roomie and best friend to this day is black. My high school girlfriend was Mexican. My first boss was Muslim. And my long term live in girlfriend is an Asian immigrant. I feel perfectly safe with people of all backgrounds unless the individual, and not their race, gives me reason to worry. Try it someday. You might make some amazing friends.

      • rocky

        Estone yes back in the 1950’s and earlier there were black people lynched across the South. You were referring I guess to the Emmitt Till killing when you mentioned the murder for talking to a white woman. We hear about the Emmitt Till murder nonstop as the big example of white racism. Most black people were lynched because they committed rape or violence against whites. There was a mob mentality back then. All that happened 60 years ago. You mentioned the Black boy Byrd that was tied to a truck and dragged to his death not too long ago in Texas. Those cases are publicized all the time in the media. What is not mentioned in today’s media and is indeed suppressed is the modern day lynchings of whites by blacks all across America. There was a case in Ga. where a white was beaten by a group of blacks for having a black girlfriend. Research the Wichita atrocity and find out what two black men did to the 5 white college students there. If the races were reversed the media would cover it forever, But it was ignored. Also suppressed is all the flash mob attacks against whites all across America where innocent whites are beaten to death or into a coma. Modern lynchings. But let’s forever talk about the Emmitt Till case to brainwash everybody.

      • rocky

        I To Estone: It’s typical of dumb white liberals like you to gloss over black racial attacks and ignore them. So let me get this straight, if a black mob beats the hell out of you it is because of bigots like me that treats them poorly? You obvious buy into stereotypes that only whites are racist or harbor hateful thoughts .The hatred blacks have for whites is profound. They are attacking innocent whites in mob attacks like I mentioned. I’m a racist because I notice the truth. As for the Mexicans and other Latino invaders sure there are decent hard working people but the fact is their “bad apples” are horribly rotten apples that are a grave threat to American society. The barrios of LA and in Pilsen here in Chicago are war zones. Ever heard of MS 13? These gangs are growing and as well armed as the police. I never said whites stopped racial attacks in the 60’s. You are a college student and have no reading comprehension. If there was a scorecard of racial attacks in America since the 60’s it would be overwhelmingly black on white.But me noticing it makes me a racist . So be it.

      • doctorquien

        Some day we will get rid of this criminals and the redneck bigots they fall in the same category, the video and the comment section displays everything that is wrong in the country.

  • C.Pfeiffer

    No Yolanda the real problem here is parents who didn’t need to have children period. if you child gets away with disrespect to you at anytime, whether it be under 5 or over 5 you will pay and so will people like us. parents have to get a handle on their children or don’t have any. if they new parents start being parents, maybe in 15 years we will see a difference.

    • cyber loitering

      Anchor babies. Parents are too busy working (most making cash and not paying taxes) to pay enough attention and provide the guidance children need. Just interested on attaining a way to stay in the US and showing their children it’s OK to break the law if you can benefit. Meanwhile, many (most) don’t bother teaching their children English when they are young and so they are ready for school. No, they make us create these tax sucking dual language programs and further isolate their children from the mainstream.

  • BOB

    I don’t get shocked easily anymore as there is no shortage of vile footage like this out there but this one turned my stomach. I don’t understand how one person can do this to another. Chances are this isn’t the first time these animals have done something like this (or worse) either.
    I’m not trying to be racist here, but to me this seems almost cartel like violence.

  • D

    Aggregated battery charges? A full swing can decapitate a human, why isn’t this attempted murder charges? Oh yeah, we wouldn’t want to imprison the lad and impede his studies, probably going to be a doctor someday……. FPOS……

    • rocky

      Ever heard of Colin Ferguson? John Muhammad? Richard Ramirez? The mass shootings in Grand Rapids Mi? In Massachusetts? All perpetrated by blacks and Hispanics. The media will do everything they can to downplay black and Hispanic criminality so the stereotype of the white serial and spree killer is false.

      • Chicagoan

        Wow, Rocky. I know very well of the names and incidents you’re talking about, but what about. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, our very own John Wayne Gacy, the Son of Sam, oh and the classic H.H. Holmes. Did I miss any? Charlie Manson could be put on the list.

        Did you also know that in the case of Richard Ramirez it was a Latino man and his son that chased him down after he tried to attack a women leaving her garage?

      • Bianca

        You’re right. I don’t see white people shooting at other white people or walking around with machetes.
        But, I do see them shooting up schools, colleges and movie theatres.

        But no one calls them animals. They say they are “mentally unstable”.

  • arubatom

    Punks…always brave when they outnumber people…wish one of the two attacked would have pulled out a .357 magnum and blown them all away…those punks days’ will come…hopefully they won’t last long in prison…once alone from their savage group, they are cowards!!!

  • John

    This could very easily been a homicide. The victims were lucky that the train came when it did and these cowards ran. I would hope they get jail time, everyone of them. I’m sure some bottom feeding lawyer will represent them and try to blame the victims and the States Attorney will go with a lesser charge. That’s seems to be the Chicago way these days.

  • Chucky

    Why aren’t they being charged with attempted murder? If you swing a machete at someone’s head or torso, you are not just aiming to assault them.

  • agent

    This is why you don’t have kids you can’t take care of or raise the proper way. three of them are minors out at 12.30 am were are the parents.

  • Bjean

    Wow, I never realized how much racism is alive and well right here in Chicago. As read some of the posts it’s evident to see people like Rocky, Patrick and few others must have got punked out or their butt whooped by some Mexicans before!!!! Stop holding on to the hate and anger, you guys are alive now, get over it folks cause we Mexicans are here to stay!!!!

  • VW

    That’s horrible and scary! I hope justice is served. No matter what race they are justice should be served. People need to stop with the negative racist comments. Just because these idiots did something stupid other hard working people of their race should not get punished. Just picture the columbine shooters they were white, should we say all white people leave the country? No it was just the act of those individuals, come on people be smart about things like this. I am a minority , I have a master’s education. I work hard , I contribute to this country . My field involves saving children, but I’m Mexican I guess I should go back to Mexico since some how this is my fault?? Yeah ignorance at it’s best.

  • Shini Taigen

    One issue with the whole report. It turn a train ride into anything as this didn’t happen on a train, it was at a train station, on a bench. Let’s try not contorting the facts and creating a false story out of things.

    • Matt

      What does that have to do with anything? Also, the report never said it was on a train, only that the attack occurred on the platform. This is an abhorrent act and is not a false story. Do not think the camera recording lied.

      • Jim

        This is typical gang mentality, BIG IN A BUNCH AND SMALL ALONE. Not only did they outnumber the two victims, they still had to use a weapon because without one, and one on one, they are probably wimps.
        This is why there should be more street justice for these kind of acts…I would love to slap the crap out of them until they cried for me to stop.

  • Carolyn

    They should be charged with attempt to murder!!!!!! GET THE TRASH OFF THE STREETS!!! BULLSHIT CHARGES, AGGRAVATED BATTERY!!! ROBBERY!!!! This pisses me off COWARD GANGBANGERS

  • glauber

    To a person, they’re all worse than turds. Turds at least are fertilizer. Society has a right to live without animals like this sharing the thoroughfares with it. They don’t care, and no judge, social worker, or socks ‘n’ sandals old hippy is going to make them care. They should be locked away just for their attitudes at mugshot time- throwing their heads back in tough guy defiance, telling one and all that they don’t give a damn what you think about their having randomly attacked someone with a machete. They don’t care, they’re a scourge and society deserves to live without them in it.

  • Bubba Baker southern

    Mario savage well?20years in prison sounds good real nuts around that niegborhood he is 18 and ready for prison tuff guy.

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