‘I’m going to miss my babies:’ 4 children killed in house fire

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A neighborhood vigil was held on the far South Side mourned the loss of four children who were killed in an overnight apartment fire.

Family, friend and neighbors in the Roseland neighborhood gathered Monday night to pray and release balloons in honor of the four siblings. There were trapped and died in the bedroom of their apartment. Two were found huddled in a closet that had no door.

15-year-old Carlysia Clark was smart, third in her high school class. 13-year-old Carlvon Clark was an 8th grader who was going to go to a military high school. 12-year-old Shamarian Clark loved to dance. And 7-year-old Eriana Smith, is remembered by her uncle as a sweetheart.

Their mother, Shamaya Coleman, broke her arms and legs jumping for her life from the third floor, a decision she and her boyfriend, Nate Johnson, had just seconds to make."

Johnson has scorched lungs from breathing in superheated air as a fire that smoldered in an unoccupied unit one floor below them erupted into an inferno just after 3:30 a.m. Coleman and Johnson remain hospitalized.

Building records show the 18-unit property failed its most recent inspection on June 9. It has been cited for issues ranging from missing smoke and CO detectors, to inadequate heat. In all, 38 building code violations in the past 6 months,.

A spokesman at J&J real estate management, which runs the property, wouldn't comment on the violations but says all units had their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors updated on August 23rd.

Fire officials say there were working smoke detectors wired into the building's hallways, but none in either the apartment where the children were found or the second -floor unit where the fire started.

Fundraisers are being planned now to help the family.

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    • Stacey E

      First of all,no one know what she did.Imagine waking up to flames n smoke whereas u can’t see anything n screaming for them to get out because u don’t know where they are hiding!!!!!This is my family n PLEASE leave all negativity to y’all self if u don’t know the truth.

      • Angela

        I would just like to say that my family and I send our deepest condolences to the entire family. As a mother myself I cry, and pray with and for the Mother.May God be with all of you during this difficult time and may you find the strength to go on with life. Sending our Love, Prayers, and Sympathy…… The Oliver Family.

      • Grateful mom

        That is soo true. I woke up in 2011 to a kitchen fire and panicked. I had a one month old in the bed with me and my oldest two children upstairs. All I could do was scream for them as I tried to put the fire out on top of the stove which then I ended up being burned by hot grease and my oldest grabbed the newborn. My fire wasn’t as near bad as theirs and I still panicked. Unless u are in that situation you will NEVER know.

      • Thankful Mother

        My family n i send our deepest condolences as well… May GOD keep u all strong n positive n never give up bcuz the LORD makes not one mistake….. Sending PRAYERS n LOVE to the family…. It hurts my heart bcuz no matter dumb ignorant people still try find fault instead of being open n understanding at times like this…. Forever in my heart… 4 ANGLES REST IN HEAVEN….

  • Quenton McRae

    Wtf she no way she is doing she jump first and left her kids but now she want to say that she miss them, no she don’t to me it was meant for her to live and for the kids to die? Why am I saying this well any mother would die trying to save their kids… She should be in jail for killing her kids. Why she get out and her man but not one of them thought about the kids, DCFS should take all of her children she have in the future…… Sad very sad but this don’t sound right to me at all.

  • brittany

    This is so sad. I dont think the mother left her children because she didnt care. We dont know what happened. They didnt even have a smoke detector in their apt! They woke up to fire not an alarm! Thats scary! I cant imagine how she must feel! How about we pray for the family!

  • Amanda Brown

    I weep for this family. No one should ever have to endure this type of tragedy. For all of you who are being negative towards the parents for jumping shame on you! GOD makes no mistakes and has a plan for all. Although it may hurt, those siblings are ALL together in the LORD’s backyard with a now higher purpose. All is NOT lost for this family. My prayers continue for the strength and understanding of this family. I weep for y’all :,(

  • Jacqueline

    Life is short and moments like this teaches us to appreciate every moment. I had just seen Carliysia at her school a fews ago, she was always pleasant and very smart. My prayer goes out to her mom and family. They will need a lot of prayer, love and support during this challenging time.

  • donya brown

    i hope whoever was running this property get held accountable for those babies losung their lives as a mother my deepest sympathy gies out to the mother the fathers and the boyfriend may GOD be with you all and just call on him he will hear you just call

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