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Mother charged in young daughter’s murder; Girl died after being hit in stomach

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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A Waukegan woman has been charged with the murder of her young daughter

32-year-old Nicolette Lawrence is held on a $5 million dollars bond after her 11-year-old daughter Raasania Coley died Saturday.

Lawrence told investigators she hit the girl in the stomach earlier last week.

An autopsy confirms that stomach injuries led to her death.

Lawrence has two other children who are with relatives.

Her next court appearance will be on September 20th.

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      • Nancy

        Julie – thanks for your explanation. Sometimes situations are not what they seem. We all need to get the facts before we start pointing fingers.

      • Inci Pio

        If the father abuses them and the mother does nothing > she’s still at fault. It seems the child was hurt and allowed to suffer and then eventually die. In my opinion any adult that was there during this time frame is guilty of contributing to her death since they did nothing to get her medical attention.

      • Special Living LA

        Why would she do that? Why wouldn’t she give him up so she can protect her children from him? That doesn’t make any sense. I believe what you say but why would she jeopardize their safety?

      • waynesgurl2

        As per her social media page, comments have been left for her pictures she has n there. Someone who knew her too wrote that the latest husband, the father of the 2 younger children had left her. He was not this childs father. Police found videos of her beating this child with a belt on her cell phone. But, it has not been said who was the person taking the videos. I think they both had been abusing this child for a few yrs. How can a mother turn so hateful and especially when she has this childs name tatted on her upper arm.

  • Bt

    I don’t think she’s covering I think they both beat them. There is no excuse even if she was covering she knew it was happening and did nothing. I knew them some years ago n I’m sure either are innocent!

  • annah

    If she hit her…off to hell with her..if she knew her husband was beating the child and did nothing off to hell for the both of them….and no there is no reason to beat a child….a good pop on the butt for getting out of line or being disrespectful is totally different.. People kill me…people think you shouldn’t discipline your child.. But when they grow up being a menace to society first thing they say well it must of been the parents falt…I’m not saying this is the case…but I really wish people would make their minds up on how another person should raise their kids..smh

  • TED


  • Theo H

    What nonsense is this? You can’t be charged with murder for punching someone in the stomach, since it’s blatantly obvious there was no intent to kill (or even seriously injure!). No way will she be found guilty.

    • waynesgurl2

      Your kidding right?? Maybe you should research this woman and see the horrors she inflicted on this child. her abuse detailed more than just a punch to the stomach. Eleven yrs old and weighed 50#?? need to read up!

  • Sandra beck

    Theo H are you kidding me?? maybe not pre-meditated murder, but she’ll get murder 2 or 3, wtf is wrong with you??? intent or not, she did intend to hurt her, why else do you punch someone??? an 11 year old child nonetheless??? I really hope you are not a parent and never will be, you don’t deserve to be either!!! and to the other clown talking about,making up mind how to discipline kids, you don’t deserve to either, you DON’T HIT CHILDREN YOU SICK PEOPLE!!

      • waynesgurl2

        And you know this to be the reason she murdered her child James???? WOW…What a BS attempt as an excuse to murder your child. She knew exactly what she was doing & liked what she was doing!. Remember, police found videos on her cell phone of her beating this child…she, or someone else was taking the videos. Most likely the sicko loser husband/step father of this poor child was assisting. Oh yeah, that’s right, it’s been reported he was arrested & charged in 2011 for child abuse on this child too. A lot of ppl that knew this worthless b*&tch and her worthless husband, have made comments on media sites that these 2 beat these kids often…all 3 of them. How much longer would it have been before she started in on the other 2 kids? Glad her oldest son lived elsewhere!

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