Harvey officer hospitalized, Chicago officer robbed in attacks

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two police officers are victims of armed robberies overnight.

An off-duty Harvey Police Officer is in critical condition after being attacked and robbed.

It happened around 3:00am this morning near 59th and Lake Shore Drive, at the nearby harbor.

The officer was reportedly hit in the head with a gun, before his gun and badge were stolen.

The officer has been taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

A Harvey spokesman released a statement regarding the robbery saying "Our thoughts and prayers are with our officer this morning. We remain hopeful for his speedy recovery. "

In another armed robbery incident, an off-duty Chicago police officer was the victim.

It happened just before 3:00am Sunday morning in the 7400 block of South Langley.

The suspect approached the officer to ask the time, that's when he displayed a handgun and began a struggle with the officer.

The gunman fired shots but missed the officer.

The officer fled the scene, though his wallet was taken in the struggle.

Police are investigating.

No one is in custody for either attack.

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  • Wow

    All is not well, good in Chicago now-a-days.

    I do not recall ever, this many shootings, assaults & robberies in the course of 1 years time.
    Now police officers, many at a time are being robbed & assaulted. People say it’s a gun issue. I say it is a moral, economic & social issues.
    When you have high unemployment, high drug us/abuse and a high street gang, drug dealing issues.
    You are on a crash course for a spiral down effect in civilized society. Stop please stop putting the blame on everything but the real issues. Take accountability for raising your children the correct way. Take accountability for allowing these crimibal elements to go un-checked by not calling the police. Take accountability for electing a civil servant whoose is inept for the real problems at hand.

    • Hector

      You are right. I agree with most of what you said The whole system is dirty not just the people the judges the politians the police look at the pensions they have created a monster the whole system has to fail in order to get a civil society.

  • James

    If you abuse someone or harm them nobody cares about a badge they probaley just got they a$$ whooped . The faternal order is calling it a robbery(YEAHRIGHT). Believe half of anything the police says. Officers were probaley doing a drug deal or some other illegal activities this is chicago you never know. Code of silence is not a myth plus the media outlets are pawns they won’t tell you anyway. Look at the Koschman trail all the liars yet no one has been prosecuted.

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