Father Pfleger rallys against guns in Riverdale

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The intersection of the First and Second Amendments Saturday fell in South Suburban Riverdale.

Activists, both for and against gun control, converged outside Chuck's Gun Shop along South Indiana Avenue.

Father Michael Pfleger, of Saint Sabina Church in Chicago's Auburn-Gresham neighborhood, members of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, as well as family members of those lost to gun violence came to demonstrate outside the gun store, calling it a "Bad Apple" among gun shops.

Members of the Illinois State Rifle Association held a counter protest, at times taunting those who came with the other group.

“Almost one in 10 [guns used in violent crimes in Chicago] is traceable to [Chuck's]," said Dan Gross, Presidnet of the Brady Campaign.

"These people are knowingly selling guns that are being used to tear apart our communities and kill our children. And it’s time we hold them accountable," Gross told the crowd.

Still, pro-gun activists like Frank Barry, who live on Chicago's South Side, say Chuck’s is being unfairly targeted.

“Once the gun leaves Chuck's shop, if I took the gun home and sold it on the street, it’s out of Chuck’s hands. Chuck’s is not responsible for that gun so what are they talking about?”

“Violence on the streets is a horrible thing but you don’t stop it by disarming the law abiding," said Mike Weisman, with Illinois State Rifle Association.

In an email this week, IRSA likened Father Pfleger to the terrorist group ISIS.

“I need you to understand something.  You can call me whatever you want.  You can threaten me as much as you want but Pfleger aint’ going nowhere, in fact we have just begun," Pfleger told the crowd in response.

Pfleger and others called for a crack-down on shops that sell guns that end up in the wrong hands.

Gun owners simply don’t agree with that characterization, insisting that most guns used in Chicago crime comes from out of state illegally.

“You have to arrest the gang banger.  You have to charge the criminal," said John Sutton.

"Spend less time going after ordinary citizens and shutting down gun shops.”

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  • Bill R

    Pfleger needs to go back to the Monastery and counsel some of Catholics wayward abusive Priests instead of trying to stop law abiding citizens from exercising their GOD given 2A RIGHTS. Just to show support for Chucks… and complete disrespect for Pfleger I will go and purchase a gun from Chucks store… !!

  • Jock E Shift

    Flaker never misses a chance to get his mug in the media. He’ll never get the guns, and hasn’t figured out it’s the punks that are most of the problem.

  • EdB

    Catholics in the Chicago area should rally the Cardinal to get rid the church of this “Bad Apple” priest. He’s the only priest from the only parish that does not follow the rules set down and followed by all the other priest, pastors, parishes and parishioners in the Diocese of Chicago. Pastors are rotated out every couple of years to keep things fresh and to avoid the problems of creating a ‘dictator’ environment within the parish, Fleecer has overstayed his term quadruple and the Diocese leaders can’t force him to move. Why? Because he bullies them, pure and simple. Financial records and finances (money collected during Mass) is to be accounted for and figures sent to Diocese Chancellery for audit and distribution. Not so with Fleecers church, he keeps all and demands for more from suburban churches through guilt, just like that reverrearend Jesse and his blackmailing schemes. When the Diocese sends out a request, demands change or does anything the good father does not like he rants during his homily at daily Mass, turning his flock against the rest of the Catholic Church. It’s all about “him”, not the Lord God. What happened with the separation of church and state? His priestly concerns should be for the conversion of sinning priests the harm kids especially little boys, the sanctity of marriage and maintenance of the family unit and eliminate the gang unit, eliminating drugs and alcohol abuse, loving one another, treating all people with respect and treating them equally, teach people that if they see something to say something – – you know, the important human things.

  • Chivet

    I actually bought my firearm from Chucks in Riverdale..yuup, it’s still here, in its case..sitting there. To my surprise it hasn’t grown legs yet and walked to Riverdale to throw it’s self in to the hands of a person wanting to shoot someone. Funny, I thought we had a gang/ drug problem in this city, which leads to ILLEGAL guns being purchased and used on the streets..*shrug*. Well I’ll make sure to keep you guys updated as to the whereabouts of this mysterious case of LEGAL “guns growing legs” and jumping in to the hands of perpetrators thing as it unfolds folks. Pfleger is another Jesse Jackson/ Sharpton tool bag that earns a living off of African American society here in Chicago. .If he’s so concerned why doesn’t he go out to the north or west suburbs where there are much larger gun stores and ranges? What a joke.

  • agent

    He should go to Mississippi Alabama were a bulk of the guns are coming from. gang bangers from Chicago are not buying there guns at chucks..

  • Dan Cox

    Father Mike Pflager has called for: “Somebody should Snuff-Out these Gun-Shop Owners and the Politicians that allow then to continue to stay in business”. This man is a man of hatred and has called for violence against other innocent people. No wonder his Parish is in one of the most violent parts of the City of Chicago. Why the Catholic leadership has allowed this Terrorist to remain in his role as the religious leader of a church is beyond comprehension. When a religious leader advocates violence and Murder, they are not a man of God.

  • A REAL Catholic

    What Pflager needs is a Cardinal or Bishop that will actually punish him and report him directly to the Pope. He gives all real Catholics a bad name with his showboating antics. Instead of preaching what the church taught him to preach, he is a heretic who preaches heresy. He is no better then Sharpton, Jackson or any of the other self proclaimed “Reverends”. Instead of a Parish he belongs in a storefront “church”. Why the Vatican puts up with this rogue priest is beyond me, I know they are trying very hard to get Catholics back to church. Then we see this fool and are like what’s the sense?
    As for The Brady Bunch, what happen to James Brady was a shame. The problem is was he shot with a high capacity semi auto pistol or “assault rifle”? No he was shot with a .22 caliber six round revolver, hardly what would be considered a assault weapon. Yet The Brady Bunch has caused more trouble for honest citizens wanting to arm themselves legally, it is our 2nd amendment right and then you have whack jobs like Pflager who will just jump on the publicity bandwagon. As for him coming out to the west suburbs, say like in Dupage County, it would not be tolerated. There is free speech and then there is just causing trouble. The Police out here arrest people trying to start riots. Basically these people are no better then the Nazis who wanted to march in Skokie. They can get away with it in Chicago but try and get a permit out here. I hope the Pope excommunicates him and the Brady Bunch should just shut up. The small pistol that shot Brady was bought in Texas, go down there and start your BS and see what happens.

  • Shy Smith

    Dear.Father Pfleger my name is Sherry , I’ m the Mother of Murdered Victim on October 26, 2014 Sunday Marc Williams in South Chicago, father Pfleger, I’m alone in trying to investigate he murdered my son I feel The Dectitives are not enforcing a strong Front to help solve this Murder, & I’m treated unfairly ,Pleased if u can be some assistance to our Murdered Victims ,FatherPflEger Thank you My son Marc was a great kid, in attended school everyday, & Very much love by family & Friends just made 17 yesold .9/7/1997 born.Sincerely Shery Smith Mother dying for help!

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