Family’s emotional video shows shocking fatal crash; Goal is to raise awareness

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A video released online by the family of a man killed in a crash is gaining traction for what it’s doing for motorcycle safety awareness.

38-year-old David Holmes was killed in a crash in England. He was wearing a helmet cam when he crashed his bike into a car. He was going 97 mph hour at the time.

Holmes’s family has released the video in hopes to warn both bikers and motorists will be more attentive when driving.

David’s mother is quoted in the video saying, “I know (David) rode fast that day, he loved speed but he also loved life,” Brenda says in the video. “I just hope that somebody benefits from the warning; that people slow down and take time to look for bikes.”

WARNING: While the video below does not contain graphic images, it includes content some may find disturbing.

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  • sharon

    I commend Davids mother for trying to prevent other accidents by reminding people what can happen if you don’t pay attention to your surroundings and if you drive too fast. It is hard to lose a child. My condolences go out to Davids family. If only he wasn’t doing 97 miles an hour he would have had time to react. The person who cut in front of him has to live with that on his shoulders the rest of his life as well. It is very sad. Perhaps his death can be a lesson learned for other drivers. I hope David was able to leave a good mark on the world before he went to heaven. It sounded like he led a great life.

    • sharon

      I should have said if he wasn’t doing 97 mph maybe he would have had time to react. Perhaps he wouldn’t have been at that spot yet so it would have avoided situation completely. Too bad the person that turned in front of him either wasn’t paying attention or misjudged his speed. Accidents happen every day, lives are lost everyday. Hopefully this message saves someone in the future. Thanks again Davids mother.

    • Rita

      I’m very sorry to see this and to know that it happens often. But let’s also remember to slow it down. As much as it really truly saddens me to see such a young and vibrant soul go so soon, I have to also point out the fact that he wasn’t driving safely either. Besides him going around other cars carelessly, he was also going at an excessive speed (almost 100mph). Perhaps that’s why the car that was turning did not expect him to come at it so fast and assumed he/she had plenty of “room”. Please, please don’t be at me. I just want to point things out from both perspectives. Again, a true tragedy; and may God have mercy on his soul and on his family. May God give them peace and comfort during this time. Amen! I hope this can be a lesson for all of us to pay attention, drive slowly and carefully.

      • Firkins

        I used to be a professional driving instructor, and as such agree with you 100 % Rita. (As every rational thinking person here should). Tragic as it was, it defies belief that not only was he moving at an utterly inexcusable and reckless speed, ( sorry but that`s EXACTLY what it was), but he was also riding with his left hand away from the handlebars! A recipe for disaster, which on this occasion regrettably materialised. I feel for the driver concerned, and, like you, prey for the sole of the departed. A more responsible attitude toward road safety, and all would have been avoided.

    • Primm

      I’m very sorry for him. I have been riding about 40 yrs now. I cant tell you why, but there are so many drivers will cut you off. You can be driving car, truck or motorcycle and they will. But more so if you are on bike

    • Gerrit

      Article says 97 mph. That is 156kph. Do you believe the article is wrong or just have poor comprehension? At least you understood it was England and didn’t claim everyone was driving on the wrong side of the road.

    • Rita

      Actually, the woman speaking (whom I think is the mom) clearly pointed out that he “liked to speed” and that he was indeed speeding in this video. You can also clearly see that from how fast he was going around the other cars. Compared to his speed, they looked like they weren’t moving.

  • david

    My friend’s wife was cut off by a driver in an eerily similar manner while riding a bicycle downhill in CA. It took her a year to regain a minimal speech capacity. As a bike rider in Chicago( bicycle ), I encounter cars that U-turn in the middle of the street, often to get a parking space. This isn’t what happened to David, but I think his Mum was correct in stating we all need to pay a little more attention to what’s around us, and to slow down a bit. Myself included.

  • Andrew Glass (@neoninja007)

    Guy was driving too fast. No sympathy for him at all. I have more sympathy for the guy who was crashed into. Imagine that you are trying to turn right and someone come towards you at 100MPH, you would have no chance.
    This incident took place in Scotland, not England. They are two different countries.

    • Ian Warde

      It definitely ocurred in England. Norfolk (where the crash took place) is a region slightly north of London/Anglia

      SOURCE: I am English.

  • Erik

    wow …news story is wrong!!! look at his speedoguage…he is doing 60mph..good one!! listen to the bike and check the BBC reporting of this only took me 2 minutes!! lazy reporting!!

    • Ste Jones

      His speedo probably displays up to 200mph relative to engine power and the needle is roughly half way. Also, since when does 60mph look that fast!? I’ve done nearly 70 on skis and race a motocross bike. This video has 100mph written all over it!

  • PTSD

    This brings back painfull memories as my brother and I were living in the USVI driving on the left side of the road and made it about another 5 feet past the front of this impact that took place, hitting us with such great force it flipped us onto or side. It’s haunting to see from the bikers prospective, I will never forget the fear while looking directly into his eyes as he approached what seemed to me like an eternity. He had no helmet and he tried to slow down from well over 100MPH but traveling at any speed over 50 results in disaster any way you look at it. We lived on an island 10 miles by 4 miles wide, and I was 14 years old, he never needed to be going that speed, and I never needed to witness a man Die before my very eyes. My personal opinion is if you like speed around in any form of vehicle go to the race track and speed around all you like, go die another day. Sigh!!!

  • seymourcongregational

    No, he was going waaayyyy more than 60 mph, read the above posts. and frankly, if he wasn’t driving crazy he AND the car HE crashed into would have been able to avoid this. Clearly if he wasn’t driving like a maniac this would have never happened. The driver was well into his turn before he came flying into the intersection. He would have been way back behind the car he passed previously. His mistake, plain and clear. I am so tired of motorcyclists harping on us drivers to slow down and watch for them. If I had a dollar for every motorbike that I’ve seen weaving in and out of traffic, popping wheelies, speeding and creating chaos on the road I’d be very wealthy.

    What a sad, sad loss because of his disrespect of road rules.

  • Irene

    Eric… He was going much faster then 60 mph.. The cars he was passing looked as if they were standing still.. I am sure they were doing the speed limit.. At one point a car actually slowed down and pulled to the side of the rode as he passed them.. I’m sure that driver was scared of the speed this idiot was driving.. It is sad he lost his life and my thoughts and prayers go out to the family and anyone one who had to witness this horrific accident caused by this guy who apparently didn’t care about the laws of the road…

  • Andrews

    Its sad that he lost his life but he shouldn’t have been going that fast. How can anyone avoid or even have time to see a bike going that fast. People say watch out for motorcycles but the way most of them drive, they have no respect for cars. Sorry, no disrespect to anyone & my prayers for the family. Just making a point.

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