Emanuel requiring contractors to raise minimum wage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is raising the minimum wage for some workers.

He signed an executive order Wednesday that will require city contractors to pay workers at least $13 per hour.

The city's current living wage rate is $11.70 per hour.

The mayor says his order will affect about 1,000 workers employed by companies that do business with the city,  but he's hoping the move will eventually raise the pay of some 400, 000 working in Chicago.

Last week, Emanuel said he would ask the city council to raise the city's minimum wage to $13 an hour by 2018.

In the November elections, Illinois voters will decide on a non-binding referendum to raise the state's minimum wage.

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  • diane

    I think the market should set the pay scale not the Mayor. When you talk minimum wage are you talking low pay plus benefits. Doesn’t that make a difference?
    I wouldn’t mind making less if I got free insurance or if my family’s insurance were included. Just because someone’s pay is lowly hourly wage doesn’t mean they’re underpaid.. What if employer provides onsite daycare , free lunches or free uniforms and laundry expenses. What if I got paid for continuing education.
    If you raise the minimum raise will those perks disappear and then I just pay more income tax.

      • diane

        Thank you, royals do get a lot of swag. My hubby’s income was never 15 dollars an hour, but we had the company car and gas card, Employer paid our family’s insurance , vacation trips, uniforms and lunches , he also paid for daycare next door to his business untill my kids were school age. You can always negotiate benefits .

        Of course that was before hope and change entered the oval office. If you work for a successful dot.com company the perks are even better when you can work from home.

  • raise minum wage to 24 dollars per hour

    First off no one has free healthcare that works at minimum wage pay. YES getting a low hourly rate means people are being underpaid when minimum wage is supposed to be around 24 dollars per hour. http://inequality.org/minimum-wage/

    Fact is Australia’s minimum wage is around 17 dollar per hour, but they still have the dollar menu over there, so having a higher minimum wage doesn’t affect prices at all, but cuts into profits of the greedy few, and in return stimulates the economy creating more jobs.

  • SmellMe

    Mr Fancy Pants is even signing “executive orders” now! My…Doesn’t he feel important. Now if he would actually do something thats helps the city, it would almost be like he’s earning a paycheck.

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