Suburban man sues over gargantuan water bill

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
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A Homewood man is suing the village over a $5,300 water bill he received from the village.

Paul Otubusin says he got a warning in June about how much water was being used at his home.

He checked for leaks and wrote the village saying everything looked fine.

He added there's no way he could have used $5,000 worth of water when his bill is normally less than $200.

The village didn't back down.

He is now suing the village for damages and attorney's fees.

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  • Dee

    Village of Streamwood has done this not only to me but my neighbors. My house was getting remodeled. No toilet, no washer or dryer and no one using water as we did the renovations. We got a 600$ water bill. When we went up to fight it we were told we used over 3-6 thousand gallons of water and that “someone must’ve left the hose running” mind u we didnt even have hoses on the house at the time. We ended up being forced to pay that. Then my neighbor went out of the country this summer for 3 months. He came back to a $200+ water bill. He asked me if he should fight it n I told him to not even try. Either way he’ll have to pay it or they’ll shut his water off. Mind you a couple years ago they put in new water meters into each home. Made it mandatory. Ever since then our water bills are outrageous. Doesnt take a genius to figure out they are rigging water rates and usage through their new water meters. Such bullshit!

    • Molly Reda-Schneider

      A “new” water meter in the past, (gear driven types) most often meant a more accurate reading. As they aged their reporting accuracy would drop to as low as 60% and so of course the new billing would be higher. Digital readout and reporting, is a whole new animal though and subject to a host of outside interference. Towns were very aware of this and would look for obvious signs such as a leak or a pool suddenly appearing on the property and in the absent of those conditions, would make the correction and charge an average of previous bills and replace the meter, once again. If it were in the home of one of the local politicians, the bill would be corrected without question. Nonetheless, checking for signs of leaks is as simple as not using water for a time long enough for the piping to reach room temperature. If after that time, the pipes near the meter are noticeably colder than room temperature; perhaps sweating; water IS moving. If not, there is generally; at worst; an occasional drip from a Fawcett or commode that would affect the bill by maybe 1-2%.

  • Joanne FATH

    Omg, I’ve been wondering why our bill has been over 6 hundred dollars for the past few years, we don’t use that much water but I don’t know what it should normally run. When we moved in we paid about 3 hundred dollars and that’s with filling a pool, a hot tub, and watering the garden, we haven’t done that and it’s still high, I thought it might be because of a running toilet, I’m not so sure now.. I just have to pay my bill cus I don’t wanna be cut off. I’m gonna be following this, because I think a class action in gonna be seen in the near future for the water department of the pillage of Homewood ..

  • Greg Ehman

    I’ve been fighting the Village of Homewood about a $4600 water bill since May. I sent them a letter last month stating if we didn’t agree on a proper amount that I was going to sue. They said there was nothing they could do. I was planning on filing my suit next week.

  • MJ Kovach

    Our bill was very high last summer…about double the same time 2012. We heard the fees went up, but thought double was crazy. After another bill hit the $600 mark, we did the food color test the village recommended and found out we had slow leaks in two of the three toilets. We had a plumber come and repair everything. We paid the bill and also requested that we be at the front of the line for a new meter, which we got. The past two bills have been under $300, which is still crazy for a home with 2 people. Anyway….your bill is obviously a mistake unless you have 10 bathrooms with 10 people bathing and running the dishwasher and washing machine several times a day. Is it your giant swimming pool, ice rink, and underground sprinklers running daily on the 5 acre yard?

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