Creator says Hello Kitty is not a cat and weatherman is pissed

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Hello Kitty turns 40 this year ... and with that comes a surprise revelation.

Its creator says Hello Kitty is not a cat.

Sanrio, the Japanese company that owns the brand, is now officially describing Hello Kitty as a little girl from London.

The company points out that she has always walked on two legs, not four ... and does not do any cat-like activities.

Her full name is Kitty White.  She also has a twin sister, and is a perpetual third-grader.

And, Hello Kitty actually has a cat of her own.

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  • Nikki

    Just a question, since when is it ok to use the language that they use on here ok to use on televison? I am against this and I hope that the one saying this gets fired. It is wrong to have someone on air talking like this. especially when its talking about hello kitty A CHILD’S INTEREST. Really hope you all condoning this do not have children of your own cause if you do and you are teaching them its ok to use this type of language have fun with the consequences later in life. None the less, this is wrong to use this type of language on air. I hope whoever he is that said this gets fired.

    • Carlos

      O shut up, its impossible to block kids from innapropiate stuff these days. Its just impossible, theyre gonna have to sooner or later,

      • Nikki

        why don’t you shut up. Kids do not need to be learning bad language sooner or later. They don’t need to learn it at all. and yes there are ways to prevent kids from learning those words, its called BEING A PARENT!! Do not let them listen to music where swearing is involved, don’t let them watch things with swearing involved, and watch your language around your kids. its called parenting. Kids so young that like hello kitty do not need to learn that language. its called parenting. you are just a disrespectful brut that would rather your kids get kicked out of school for swearing, or rather your kids end up in jail cause swearing is just the start of disrespectful behavior. it gets a lot worse if you allow them to do such thing. you may as well make their first word be f*** then cause your kids will end up being rebelious and not care about authority if you think they need to learn this behavior. good luck when your kid’s principle is calling you and you tell them “well they have to learn sooner or later” your kid will be expelled from that school. have fun with dropouts for kids. lol imature being.

  • Carlos

    O shut up, its impossible to block kids from innapropiate stuff these days. Its just impossible, theyre gonna have to sooner or later,

  • michele

    I agree. Its definitely a cat. Also, “pissed” is NOT and inappropriate word. The more you shelter and keep your kids away from LIFE, the more they will rebel and be whores lol

    • Nikki

      and since when is making sure your child doesn’t learn to swear keeping them away from life? Its not its called being a parent and making sure they do not mess up their lives. again bad parenting if you think that I am wrong and you are right. have fun being a bad parent. and yea ok blocking your kids from learning swears at an early age is totally going to make them rebel and become whores, not, letting them learn that and them thinking its ok is going to make them rebel and become whores. loser of parent you are.

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