Explosion at BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

An explosion was reported at the BP refinery in Whiting, Indiana tonight.

The Whiting Fire Department confirms the report of an explosion around 9 p.m.

They say they were notified “of a fire in one of the units in the plant.”  They were given no additional information.

No evacuations are taking place, as of now.

The refinery has their own fire department.

The Whiting Fire Department has been placed on stand-by because of the incident.

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  • Jason

    I live almost 10 miles away from the Whiting refinery, in Munster and my whole house shook. I also heard a loud explosion sound. I thought it was an isolated thunder clap at first or someone was trying to break in the house. That must be a very big accident going on at the refinery. Hopefully nobody was hurt.

  • Chan

    I live like 10 feet away from the refineries and I didn’t feel or hear anything. Only found out through facebook.. Hopefully no one has been hurt.

  • Resident

    We heard the explosion, saw the huge cloud, and called the National Response Center to report a possible chemical discharge, as we heard law enforcement discussing a hydrogen sulfide unit exploded. Report #1093688 if anyone wants to follow up with US EPA or IDEM.

    • Not your neighbor thank goodness

      Of course, there is one like you in every group. “We heard” i.e “We have a scanner so we can know everyone’s business.” Call and report it? Did you not buy your property near the refinery or mill? Did you not expect emissions? We heard there were no fatalities. That is the priority to the people who don’t care what their neighbors are doing.

      • Resident

        You are part of the problem, if you don’t care what your neighbors are doing. Willful ignorance is not a good thing!

      • just my opinion

        People could be seriously injured or dead and your busy insulting others. Does it really matter how anyone heard about it? Get over your self… if you don’t know how to play nice don’t play at all. Resident obviously knows the possible danger of living close to the refinery therefore he is smart enough to have a scanner to be prepared to evacuate if necessary. You on the other hand will be to busy insulting people!

        Resident…great response!

  • Celina Fabela

    Was sitting and having a conversation with my boyfriend about how today is the 59th anniversary.. BOOM!
    A huge sound and the house shook crazy.. We are 2 blocks away.. i seriously thought someone hit the house and car exploded..
    It was Whiting’s BP Refinery.. A compressor exploded and the was a fire. We walked to try and get a better look.
    Hope no one is hurt.
    Scariest thing I’ve been through in awhile…

  • Joe smith

    I live in Mt. Green wood and I heard a very loud boom and it shook my parents house where I live in the basement. It woke me up.

  • concerned travelers

    The wife and I are currently in the east of France on holiday. We did not feel or hear anything, just wanted you all to know we are alright and enjoying the trip.

  • tom

    Heard amd felt it here on the gulf coast of alabama. Thought it was an explosion of hot air coming from a certian jason in munster.

    I may not have lived on NWI for a.while, but come on dude XD

  • geena

    Are we missing the point here who gives a rats arse on wether u felt it or not n there may not b no one hurt right now but if they r still fighting the fire there is still the potential for some one getting injured or killed n that is the most important thing human lives!

    • Tracey

      I agree!! Who cares who felt it or not….hopefully nobody is injured or worse!!! Really people, let’s behave with empathy for those who may have been injured!!! Stop arguing over something so irrelevant as to who really felt it!!! So immature

  • Susan

    This is not a laughing matter. People could of seriously been hurt or lives lost there, not to mention any members of the fire department. My son’s has friends that work there and their families are/were very worried. Doesn’t matter who heard/felt anything but that the people who worked there, the departments who responded, and the community are safe.