Restaurant owners alleged discrimination; hold candlelight protest

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A River North restaurant held a candlelight vigil tonight, claiming they're victims of racial discrimination.

The African-American owners of Nouveau Tavern claim they've been targeted, because they're in a predominantly white neighborhood.

The problems came to a head, last week after a night of egging, targeting customers’ cars, followed by someone spray-painting a racial slur on the building in the middle of the night.

A company spokesman says some River North residents have complained to the alderman and police about loud crowds and garbage.

He says they've worked with customers to address the issues.


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  • Get-a-room

    This has nothing to do with racial discrimination. This have everything to do with the clientele being rowdy and sloppy. Apparently the restaurants guests have never learned polite behavior in public.

  • Renee Godin

    Media should reach out to the residents for their viewpoints. The residents are just frustrated because they are being woken up multiple times a night and being called racist for it. Yet it has nothing to do with race. If the patrons stopped illegally parking in the area it may reduce some of the noise. Everyone states that the residents don’t complain about the other nightclubs in the area and that’s because they are over 3 blocks away. They can’t complain about their behavior if they don’t see or hear anything from those establishment. Unfortunately Nouveau Tavern is the only night club on this section of Ontario.
    Residents are not complaining about the restaurant portion on the establishment. The comlaints only relate to the nightclub portion because it introduced noise after 11pm to 4am that wasnot there before. If Marsette’s dream was to have a top tier restaurant in the next 2 years why does he not focus on that rather then trying to run a nightclub.

  • Tati

    The owner is a joke just like the establishment. It is ghetto and sloppy. They try to act like everything is racial. I think since they are close to being shut down they set this all up just to get attention. This is all a mess. There are bigger issues in Chicago. They need to learn how to run a business. This guy Teddy is never there. I have been there I have had issues with this place and he can never be reached. The other managers are rude and don’t know how to handle anything. It’s a shame they have received this much attention. This is What they wanted. It’s ridiculous. If I was a resident in that area I would complain as Well. Shut it down already.

  • Dennis

    Apparently living white in a black neighborhood and getting eggs and rocks thrown through your windows for over a year isn’t newsworthy. Lots of us suffer silent alder(men).

  • Fred

    Proof that this all a load of hooey: their claimed goal was to promote racial diversity in the neighborhood, yet they DIDN’T INVITE ANY OF THE LOCAL RESIDENTS TO ATTEND. How do you promote something if you don’t invite half the group to attend??

  • Jane

    ‘”River North doesn’t just belong to one group of people. It belongs to everyone, the entire city. This is equivalent to people moving across from Grant Park and complaining that there is a festival over there,” said Teddy Gilmore. There is a difference Mr. Gilmore. The community was here long before the club moved in 13 months ago. It is not like the residences sprung up AFTER the club was here. Before Nouveau Tavern it was Ai sushi a quiet restaurant that wasn’t in the news so it shut down. If you ask me this is all a ploy to get free marketing to keep people coming to their establishment. Read the yelp reviews from it’s actual cliental, even they say it is a terrible place. It is only time until they think up another scam to hurt the neighborhood for their personal gain.