This nail polish could help prevent a sexual assault

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Some undergraduate engineering students at North Carolina State University got together to create a new line of nail polish that changes colors when it comes into contact with potential date rape drugs.

If a woman is wearing the polish, all she has to do is dip her finger in her drink and stir it around.

If the drink is laced with drugs like Xanax, Rohypnol or GHB, the polish will immediately change color which is an immediate red flag.

The students are currently looking for funding for their nail polish at

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    • Steph

      Please provide some sensitivity education to that reporter. Better yet education over all. Date rape can happen anywhere and it does not matter where you go! You are a woman reporter…show some respect for all those who have been victimized by this senseless act!

  • James Farris

    I can’t believe how unimaginative the female reporter is. Most BARS are not putting drugs in drinks, the date rapist buys the drink and THEN adds the drugs to it. Not going to a particular bar doesn’t solve that problem.

    • Ammari

      … RhAs a young female, I would definitely avoid a bar that I had almost been date raped at… Because I have proof that there is a rapist that hangs out there. And either way, the nail polish works. Whether somebody put the drug there or the bartender did, just drug is still in the drink, and the nail polish would pick up on it.

    • L

      Actually, a friend of mine was drugged with the help of a bartender. They trusted that their drinks were OK because they came straight from the bartender.

  • Chantel

    Can someone at WGN educate this news women on this issue! By telling girls to avoid going out to bars where this could happen is ridiculous! By saying that, it seems she is blaming the women who have been victims of date rape drugs because they were in the wrong places. Bars have nothing to do with these drugs. Evil people do! I was completely horrified by her reaction and apologize to any women who was hurt by her!

  • Anthony

    How about watch the bartender pour the drinks or don’t get drinks from random people. And don’t leave your drink alone?

    • Kristi

      I truly think that if their drink were to be laced, that would be the least of their worries! I’d risk the germs on my fingernail to keep from getting raped.

  • Syndy

    I think it is a great idea… I would buy it. If you are worried about it being unsanitary .. wash your hands. No, not all bartenders put drugs in drinks. I don’t accept drinks from random people…. I only leave my drink if a friend is around…and I had ghb slipped into my drink by a supposedly good friend. Thank God my husband was there and realized what happened when I started acting weird. So you just don’t trust anyone is what it boils down too! Again I would buy this.

  • peace

    I completely agree how offensive this lady was! By acting like people only drug you at certain places is idiotic! People can get drugged anywhere!

  • cdl

    Prevent rape? How about…..don’t rape. It’s not up to women to prevent rape. It’s up to men and men only. Simple.

    • braf

      Let’s not pretent for one minute that women are the only ones who get drugged and raped. You are a part of the problem if you believe that’s true. The AGRESSOR is the one who can make themselves not rape. Not all men are bastards and not all women are saints. Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

  • Happylady

    I agree with this young adult’s that made the nail polish I think you have a great ideal and I hope you get some good back’s to help you get this makes and in the store and that you’ll great in your future , life’s being raped as a child and later on in my life and after being drugged by a bar tender at a bar I went to in the pasted I have someone put that date rape drug in my drink I was out of it and sick about a week after words I tryed to find out how that could of happened but it did happened to me twice at a club and a girl I thought was my best friends aunt and I have never forgot it till this day so when I go to a club I don’t leave my drink unless it is with my cuz. sherry b. or some I trust very much and that’s not very many people in my book …..

  • Chris

    So how long for the rapist to find a new drug that isn’t traceable…sadly they will either have to keep updating their line or this is just a marketing plow to scare women into buying their product

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