Jackie Robinson West team reacts to call from President Obama

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Data pix.

Jackie Robinson West could not hold back South Korea's offense at the Little League World Series.

JRW kept it close until the last inning when South Korea scored four more runs. That gave them a seven run lead.

JRW tried to come back, but they could only score three runs before South Korea got the final out and the championship.

WGN's Marcus Leshock talked to the players after the game in Williamsport, Pa.

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  • Jajuan

    To NWO and Myron, this about the kids NOT your political beef against the President. So how about you not rain on these kids’ parade and leave the political snipes for a much more appropriate time and venue because this is NOT it. Sheesh.

    • kersey

      Hey Jujuan I thought what happen with this team was a joke people turn their feat into race politics and a bunch of propaganda if the blacks cared they should have put a stop to this mockery of the game of Little League Baseball.

    • LOL

      Call him whatever you want but he’s still the President of The United States of America and there’s nothing you and your fellow cyber thugs can do about it.

  • carrie

    I agree thia is about the kids I was at the park and it was lovley it gives kids hope it makes them want to do something postive and that’s what’s its about not Obama dumass this was a happy day say somethin nice I wish I could post some of my pics and videos of yesterday it was great I was working for White Castles and I was excited to be there celebrating the JRW team. Keep up the great work boys they are kids and are doing what they love to do these programs cost to much now a days we need something for these kids that have parents that care but can’t afford these programs or even parents that dont care we need something that these kids can go to and have a rolemodel to look up to that don’t cost 200 dollars a month that’s to much and if that person has more than one kid how can they afford that just something to think about!!!!!

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