Texas mother, children mistakenly pulled over by police at gunpoint

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A texas mother says she was mistakenly pulled over and handcuffed by police at gunpoint while her four children were in the car.

Police say they were responding to a report about a driver waving a gun out of a window -- and thought the woman's car was the one they were looking for.

Kametra Barbour's car was loaded up with her small children.

She got out with her hands above her head-then was shackled in cuffs.

In less than a minute the officers knew they had the wrong car, then tried to de-escalate the situation.

The police department defends the traffic stop saying the officers responded appropriately to what they believed was a dangerous situation

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  • Traci

    THIS report is TERRIBLE
    1st, you left out that the car they were looking for was beige or tan.
    Clearly, this is a red or burgundy colored car.

    2nd your report does not mention the Police had their GUNS pulled out

    3rd you fid not mention the kid getting out was 6 years old.

    And last, but not least the Police just said ” you fit the description”. How is a red car a biege car?

  • Traci

    Sorry for the typos, I am fuming…its OPEN SEASON on people of color.
    THIS would never happen to a Blond WOMAN and her kids! NEVER!

  • TsPerspective

    I’m crying as I read this article. I just saw it reported on the news. There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for this type of behavior by police officers.

  • marianne

    Hello from Europe, I cannot believe what is going on in your country!!! I hope one day the US tries to adapt something from over here, You will hardly see people shot like in Missouri, nor the violence of the police, who seems to just be able to handcuff anybody they want to, and kill by their own hands, for example in New York, and Ferguson… another tragedy, St. Louis, outrageous!!! Another horrific murder by the hands of the police force who should protect. And that seems to happen every single day over there. These cases just came up in the media cause bystanders took videos. Too many guns in wrong hands anyways, and too many Americans think they still live in the wild west. Don’t get it and never will get how everybody is able to buy a gun… officially. Get your gun law in order, an eye for an eye doesn’t work at all, it just creates more violence. And the racism over there is like it used to be, from whites and blacks. Don’t get me wrong, there is racism over here as well, but not to that extend.
    My boyfriend lives in Chicago, he is black, I am white, I have seen the looks at us, from white and black people. Have been to the hood, Inglewood, and no, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. But still, I hope one day this won’t be a subject anymore, but when? I hope, one day

    • Daniel

      People are the problem who uses guns for the wrong reasons; guns provide multiple safe and effective uses. I use for protection, skeet shooting, hunting, etc.

  • Daniel

    Guns are not the problem … When guns are used properly then they are okay. So your saying that pencils and pens are problems too and email text messaging? The problem is the people who use them for the wrong reasons, I carry everywhere permissible. I have my CHL I carry everywhere except we’re properly posted PENAL CODE ANN. § 30.06