2 men dead in separate Chicago police-involved shootings

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Two men are dead after police-involved shootings overnight.

The shootings were unrelated and happened in two different neighborhoods.

The first happened in East Garfield park. Police responded to a report of a possible gunman near California and Polk.

A man led them on a foot chase, eventually up the stairs to a residence. That’s when police say the suspect turned around and pointed a gun at an officer.

The officer then shot and killed the gunman on the stairs.

Police say they recovered a gun at the scene.

The second shooting happened at about 9 p.m. near 80th and Ingleside.

There was an exchange of gunfire between two men.

One gunman, and another man and woman were wounded.

When police arrived to investigate, they say they were confronted by a man who pointed a gun in their direction. Officers opened fire, killing the man.

The woman and man who were wounded are said to be in good condition.

The other man was shot in the head. There’s no word on his condition.

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  • Freeze?

    Really no surprise.
    When you have a handgun, no permit, no FOID & you are using it to commit a crime, where do people think it is just business as usual and it is ok?
    When the police do show up, tell you to stop, freeze and/drop the weapon, you then either run from the police or turn around and face the police with your weapon, what do people expect?
    I will tell you, the expectation is for that lethal force to be delt with lethal force. The police are working a job and they should be allowed to go home to their families safe. Enough with the BS. You want to be a thug, gang banger, drug dealer and carry a gun? Well there are consequences for every action.
    If people are unhappy with no goid paying jobs, high taxes and politicians not helping the people who vited them in office? Well then get up early on election day , go vote and get those politicians out of office.

  • marianne


    Hello from Europe, I cannot believe what is going on in your country!!! I hope one day the US tries to adapt something from over here, You will hardly see people shot like in Missouri, nor the violence of the police, who seems to just be able to handcuff anybody they want to, and kill by their own hands, for example in New York, and Ferguson… another tragedy, St. Louis, outrageous!!! Another horrific murder by the hands of the police force who should protect. And that seems to happen every single day over there. These cases just came up in the media cause bystanders took videos. Too many guns in wrong hands anyways, and too many Americans think they still live in the wild west. Don’t get it and never will get how everybody is able to buy a gun… officially. Get your gun law in order, an eye for an eye doesn’t work at all, it just creates more violence. And the racism over there is like it used to be, from whites and blacks. Don’t get me wrong, there is racism over here as well, but not to that extend.
    My boyfriend lives in Chicago, he is black, I am white, I have seen the looks at us, from white and black people. Have been to the hood, Inglewood, and no, I didn’t feel comfortable at all. But still, I hope one day this won’t be a subject anymore, but when? I hope, one day

    • BS1

      Here is an idea for you – You stay in Europe and keep your ridiculous anti-gun ideas there as well. Essentially no European has the slightest clue what the reality is in the US, all you see is the distorted reports from the media which do not even remotely match reality.

      The reality is that in the US the vast majority of violent crime, including falsely named “gun crime” is directly related to street gangs and is also confined to a very tiny percentage of the US, predominantly some inner city areas mostly in cities that violate the US constitution by denying their citizens the right to self defense.

      The reality for recent media hyped cases are:

      Trayvon Martin was killed while he was comitting a racially motivated hate crime, attacking the “creepy cracker” (Mr. Zimmerman) he didn’t like.

      It’s still a bit early, but it appears that Michael Brown was killed when he attacked a police officer who happened to make contact with him shortly after Mr. Brown had robbed a store nearby. It seems the only report to the contrary was from Mr. Brown’s accomplice in the robbery.

  • Polly

    Another disgusted European here, echoing what Marianne says. Am glad I dont live in your so-called ‘land of the free’, the racism, poverty and violence in your country is disgraceful. And your police force and gun laws stink.

  • ChicagoCommonSense

    According to the Huffington Post, neighborhood activists are now lying on social media saying that the first man killed was surrendering when he was shot. Just like they lied about Michael Brown being shot in the back or shot while he was giving up. They’re trying to rile up the masses for protests just like in Ferguson. Anyone with a brain should stay the hell away from the South Side.

  • Talissa

    I am just wondering why the reporter is smiling? Secondly, the police is a legalized gang themselves, they do not care about policing anymore, these cops see black and they shoot. I live on the South Side of Chicago, and I have a routine, work and home, because not only are the streets violent from gang shooting, but you also have to be weary when encountering the police.

  • ChicagoCommonSense

    You realize Talissa what the real problem is right? How is it the police force’s fault young men have guns they shouldn’t have which they like to use on each other and innocent bystanders? Quit blaming the police and blame the murderous fools in your neighborhood.

    • Leila

      .To say that there is only one real problem is ridiculous. Let’s be honest, there are murderer’s committing murder every day in communities all over this city not just on the south side, where the media is obviously told to place it’s focus, and some of these people carry badges. What is taking place in the poor communities is the result of cause and effect, now that’s commonsense. But some of us understand that commonsense is not common.

      • Randi B

        Murderers are not committing murders every day across this city, or we would be telling you about it. I appreciate your focus on this situation, but the media is not “told” to highlight murders on the south side. Not anywhere close to it; my colleagues and I pray we never have to report another. There are many contributors to the shootings taking place, but the media focus in days after one isn’t one of them.

  • Randi B

    To Leila and Talissa: I wasn’t smiling, and I deeply regret that it appeared that way. Those I interviewed know I wasn’t smiling, too. This issue is gravely serious, and one I’ve been interested in for several years. At the time, perhaps still, I was the first and only reporter today to venture all over town to obtain McIntosh’s side of the story via family and friends. Nothing funny here, perhaps the sun and three light set up caused to to appear that way due to squint. Again, many regrets for misunderstanding.

    • Leila

      Randi, I appreciate the fact that you addressed this situation and that you did your job well to cover the victims side. But the fact is you are smiling, maybe you were having a good day, hurray to that or the camera man winked at you, I don’t know. It just wasn’t a good look in regards to the story, hopefully going forward you will be more aware of this.

    • Leila

      Murderer’s are absolutely committing murders all over the city according to http://galleries.apps.chicagotribune.com/chi-mugs-in-the-news/#navtype=outfit . Some of these people are charged with murders that I have not heard reported on channel nine. And are you saying that a reporter can report on any story they want? or is there someone that decides what is news worthy and what is not and also what subjects will not be addressed at all? We’ve also seen, important stories reported, then never to be heard of again they just disappear, I’m referring to national news outlets.

      • Randi B

        I’ve checked out your link and couldn’t find any Chicago murders we didn’t report. We go where they happen- from Bronzeville to Bolingbrook. It’s unfortunate that numbers are concentrated in certain areas. As far as story selection: sometimes we can, sometimes we can’t, sometimes it’s a collaboration. Monday was a collaboration, because I made contact with McIntosh’s loved ones and pressed my news organization to allow me the time to showcase their side of the story. I tried to go a step further than other outlets. Don’t alienate your allies.

    • Leila

      There is a new batch every day. And let me say this to you Randi, you are not being alienated or considered an enemy as far as I’m concerned. I asked a question and expressed my concerns and after your reply, my appreciation for your thorough reporting. Communication is the key to understanding.

  • Joan

    The reporting of two deaths is anything but funny. As an anchor it is your job to show some sincerity possibly even empathy towards the issue at hand. I’m sure this video may soon be edited by your team but its already been embedded in a number of web pages. I’m sorry that you feel the crime and loss of a life/lives in our city is a joke.

    • Randi

      Thanks for your concern. I’m not an anchor, I’m a reporter; those whom I interviewed yesterday certainly would tell you I was and continue to be most empathetic. As stated above, I pressed to go find out their side of the story- instead of stopping at the simple police version I heard and saw reported most other places. I’m sorry my facial expressions were misconstrued, and I would apologize to anyone who thinks so. I’ve been concerned about this issue for years, which is why I did the story. Send me the websites, and I would be eager to address their concerns as well. I’m not the enemy here, so please don’t make me one. I appreciate your understanding.

  • da

    my only concern is that a child was killed in cold blood,what ever the cause my have been,no one arrested.Just think for a moment if it was micheal brown who shot a cop, he would be in jail,judge,trial and jury against him.Until proven innocent if justified.Now the cop did the shooting why he;s not in jail.Somethings wrong here help me understand.Does the law only works one way.I;m a black american help me understand.

  • No Peace

    Have some respect for the deceased. There are two parts to a story and of course the police will over rule the victim. That was my friend with a humble and compassionate heart. He was young living in a cold world and trying to survive day to day. He was on his knees begging for his life with his hands up. He ran because he felt they were going to kill him. He ran to shield and protect himself. It’s easier said than done. You have no idea what you would have done if you was in this situation. Stop letting social media misguide you to believing every victim killed by police was a suspect, gang banger, drug dealer, etc. And that bullshit line “he had a gun and pointed it” is running really thin. That’s there excuse to every police killing and you mean to tell me it’s always the truth. The gun was not found on him, nor was it in the same lot he was running in. The police is dirty and they respect their gun more than they respect their badge. What’s the purpose of saying let me see your hands if you’re going to kill a man execution style when his hands is up. The police is to serve, protect and prevent… Roshad did not have to be slained like he was. You don’t know him so or irrelevant ass ASSumptions and unwanted opinions about him is not needed. Make sure you school your children. He was somebod’s son, father, brother, boyfriend. Have remorse, it could happen to you.