Reporter pours water out of boot during flooding coverage

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WGN Reporter Patrick Elwood was covering extreme flooding in Oak Lawn Friday morning, when he decided to pour out the water from his boot on live TV.

Check out the interview he did prior to this to a couple in a raft:

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1 Comment

  • Chitownlady Emj

    I feel so bad for these people. Having gone through this myself here in Bridgeport 3 times. Worst was in 2008 we took in over 3ft. Sad reality is, there was no reporters here looking at our damage and homes.NOT ONE! And yes, it is all about the floats Hiz Honor Daley had them put on the sly to spare his precious loop area from flooding again. To spare all the wealthy the problems.So his plan was to flood us and everyone else out. I took on John Daley and will do it again. I had that darn float removed from the sewer closest to my home. There is NO excuse for our homes to continue to flood.. Last year we took in 12in of water again. They complain that Lake Michigan water level is dropping but yet, they will not open the flood gates to help with all these flooding issues. Whatever happened to this so called “DEEP TUNNEL” I am a 4th generation in my home and do not ever remember having this flooding issue year after year after year. In 2008, John Daley boasted about how her got 10mil for all the flooding. Well, I assure you, I never ever saw a dime of it. All I wanted replaced was the furnace. WHERE DID IT GO??????? Nope, never saw dime one. We had to replace our furnace ourselves .the following year. even emailed him and called him on it. i asked where all that money went. Told him about all the insane phone calls i got about needing mortgage money,what appliances I wanted. Are you kidding me? I asked the young lady who called about the appliances where were they all going and what? Claimed 500 plus appliances were being ordered. As far away as Crystal Lake….Yeah Crystal lake. What a scam. Toddler boy Stroger has NEVER EVER been forced to be accountable for any of that money. WHY NOT? Where did all that money go and to who? Friends and family? John Daley either. It has never set well with me after all these years, people are still having the same issues with flooding. I am no fan of John Daley or Balcer the “Sargent Schulz” of Bridgeport. Never knows anything…..Seems the only time the news reports anything from Bridgeport it’s negative and about racism. Bias, yeah you all are. I urge you to find out the truth as to why decent hardworking people have to deal with this year after year. Makes no sense. Does it? And while you at it, please go ask Preckwinkle herself why she never ask where 10mil went under Todd Stroger!

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