Aurora shooting leaves 5 victims dead, 5 officers wounded

Clean up begins after flooding in Oak Lawn

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Oak Lawn homeowners are assessing the damage from major flooding Friday morning.

Nearly four inches of rain pounded the southwest suburb and other nearby communities in just a short period of time.

Some roads were under three feet of water as of 6am and many vehicles were stuck. As of 11am, most of the water was receded. The hardest-hit section of Oak Lawn is a low-lying area.

Kathleen Meany, president of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, says two pumps are running. She also says ComEd is working to fix a transformer that was hit by lightning. Nearly 600 homes and businesses are without power.

Meany's urging residents to be patient, hunker down, and be safe.

She adds nothing could have been done to prevent the flooding, and is concerned about possible storms later Friday.

If you live in Oak Lawn and need help from the Public Works Dept., call 708-422-8292.






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1 Comment

  • Ken Skertich Oak Lawn resident not in flood plane

    The four inches of rain water is an act of God. The sewage forced into homes by the village is total mismanagement. You are reporting only half the story, the better half. I have the worst half to tell you. There are many, many Oak Lawn homeowners who do not have flood waters in their basements. THEY HAVE VILLAGE SEWER WATER IN THEIR BASEMENTS!!! This is not their own sewer water, this is the village’s sewer water!!! And, the worst of it is, not only does the news media refuse to cover it, the village tries to put the onus for VILLAGE sewer problems on the homeowner. This is the third time this summer that we have had to leave our house due to VILLAGE backup of sewer in our basements of up to 24 inches- ruined new washer, ruined new dryer (replaced after the failed efforts to contain VILLAGE sewer water per village instructions from the 2012 VILLAGE sewer water backup), destroyed carpet tiles ($1000 April 2014), destroyed computer game chair ($250 Christmas of 2013), and, pathetically, destroyed American Girl doll furniture and accessories. This is not all of course. And so far, we have found NOT ONE news report that tells “the rest of the story…” Where’s Paul Harvey when we need him?

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