Photo implies ISIS threat to Chicago

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There is another chilling Chicago connection in the battle between the US. and extreme Islamic militants isil (ISIS).

First there’s the beheading of the journalist who was the Northwestern graduate.

Now WGN Investigates has found an online war of words and disturbing images that includes an implied threat to a Chicago landmark building.

It’s a nasty, sometimes horrible back and forth coming on the heels of U.S. bombing of ISIS forces in Iraq involving Facebook and Twitter pages with titles like, #AMessageFromISIStoUS and vice versa.

Near the top of this tit for tat is the gruesome video and pictures of journalist James Foley’s beheading.

Some Americans posted on the site disgusting photoshopped images Islamic religious leaders having sex with animals and images of U.S. firepower.

They're reacting to one of the tweets which shows the ISIS flag in front of the White House.

But scroll down a little farther and you see a picture that might look familiar. Not the writing, which appears to be in Arabic, but the building in the background. That’s on Michigan Ave.

307 N. Michigan Ave to be precise. It’s at the corner of Michigan and South Water Street and it’s called the Old Republic Building.

What we found online was stunning. So we brought it to the attention of the building security team. The apparent message in this photo dated June 20th of this summer, is “soldiers of the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria will pass from here soon.”

Other tweets show the same two pictures saying “we are in your state/ we are in your cities / we are in your streets.  You are our goals anywhere."

More tweets say “we are here #america near our #target :) sooooooooooooon."

No one in security at the Old Republic Building would comment, nor did the secret service, the FBI, or Chicago police.

So we don't yet know who posted the picture in Chicago or why they chose that location.


  • 1Yousuck

    perfect target! beautiful poetic justice!

    make no mistake. obama, democrats, libs, etc…truly believe in the undoing of Aimerican pride, power, success, etc…and a much more destructive and impoverished world is the natural result, when you undercut a free people.

    so, let the reaping of their sowing be true. these dark-hearted people are intent on allowing more evil, and letting it come here. therefore, let it come upon them FIRST!

    my prayer since obama’s first election has been simple: let ALL them that voted for him reap to the fullest, what they have sown: social degradation (ferguson), economic failure (unemployment, welfarism), and ground zero as the next terrorist attack (chicago)

  • Heywood J.

    Somebody seems to have already killed all of WGN’s online editors. This piece looks like a slow 2nd grader composed it.

  • gunnyginalaska

    Dear ISIS, if you can’t hit Sh*tcago, might I suggest other cities like Oakland, SF, Trenton, Filthadelphia, Camden, Detoilet, or any other city full of liberals will work.

  • Spartan Leonidas

    some will say not all the muslims are bad ,, well i will say , im talking about the bad ones of them ,, imagine , if i gave you a cup full of pure water then i added a few drops of dirty sewage water,, would you drink it ?, if you think about it , it is nothing if you compare it to the whole cup , but these drops what will start the infection and poisoning ..

  • Lacy

    This is not possible because the USA borders are wide open thanks to Obama. ISIS is/was created by the USA and NeoCons who are Dems and RINOs. The whole war on terror is a scam. Open borders for drug gangs, ebola, etc.

  • rocky

    Just another so called threat by an enemy of Israel against America. It is all an Israeli created hoax to get America to fight Israel’s wars. Just like the Saddam Hussein lies Israel created saying he had weapons of mass destruction. None were found. The truth was Hussein was a powerful leader that posed a threat to Israel so American lives were lost fighting the Jew wars. Any enemy of the jew is demonized by the jew controlled press and brain dead Americans buy it hook line and sinker. Without the jew , who were the original political terrorists by the way, there would be no Hamas or Isis. They were formed in response to the illegal occupation of their Palestinian homeland.

    • Watcher

      “I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.” Watch your words about Israel. THEIR TITLEWAS GIVEN BY GOD.

  • Bilbo

    Some CIA stooge holds up a piece of paper, or a notepad ISIS flag, takes a shot of it, and this is the supposed invasion of the U.S.A. Don’t believe it.

  • Tonesha Harvey

    Our neighbor’s four-year-old uses social media, too. Any idiotic misfit now has a global platform if they wish. The only solution for ISIS, ISIL or whatever they call themselves, is total, complete destruction. This is a battle against humanity. Wake up, America.

  • DTOM1791

    Chicago and their corrupt leftist progressive politician’s polices and the “peaceful” muslims who live among them deserve each other.

  • Iraq/Afg Vet

    Most Americans don’t have the stomach for what it would take to truly rid the world of this cancer. Rules of Engagement, the enemy using human shields and hiding in schools, religious temples and mosques all make any operation dicey, and open to scrutiny by those too meek to even take part — but not afraid to arm-chair QB. Once again, the U.S. is alone because our allies in Europe don’t have the stones to do what is needed. Once again, we will inevitably come to the rescue and risk our troops, spend our money and resources, and bear the burden of fighting another terrorist group in someone else’s backyard — while the rest of the world does nothing but judge. The only way to rid the world of these guys is to take them head on with severe malice. No more of the ticky-tack, PC, inoffensive stuff. Either we go in guns blazing and with bad intentions, or we sit out and tell the rest of the world to figure it out.

  • Rudy Jose Pons

    I have lived with muslims for 10 years. I suggest that all patriotic Americans take a vacation and leave the muslims and the unpatriotic liberals to kill each other!!

    Then we can return and finish off the remaining muslims!

  • Psalmon

    1. Sickens me to hear O talk about Justice for anyone who harms Americans, when he does nothing on Benghazi
    2. John Kerry our SOS keeps claiming Climate Change is our #1 threat

    These guys are almost bigger lunatics than ISIS.

  • Dakong

    Awesome! Finally, a city in America that really, really deserves it. Evil town, evil people. Please make sure you don’t miss Hyde Park.

    • Greg

      There will be 48 states cheering good riddance … CA and NY will be passing a law that ISIS will become immediate citizens and eligible for welfare.

  • JayDon Motley

    ISIS is a creation of U.S. foreign policy, doing the dirty work of this corrupt regime in the White House. They want Americans fearful and dependent on Obama’s regime so it call roll out its agenda for the next few years. Hope we have an election this fall…

    • Porsche

      There won’t be an election this fall since Obummer and his czars will pull the trigger to start major race riots, a major Middle East war, and a major disaster by his buddies in the ISIS. Once that happens, Obummer can instate Martial Law and stay in power for as long as the violence continues – and you know they will.

    • Lucky US

      Does our government mean to tell us that the NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, ATF, ICE, DEA, National Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, USCG, Reserves, local police, State Police et cetera can’t handle this???????? Really????? Oh darn……

  • John Q Public

    If this happens It will be a very dangerous thing to be a muslim in America.

    If this happens It will be a very dangerous thing to be even arab looking in America.

    If this happens It will especially be very dangerous thing to be a politician in America since their open unprotected, unsecured borders allowed these monsters into our country to kill our families, friends and neighbors.

    • Lucky US

      It is dangerous to be a Muslim now. But don’t worry-once they are gone there will always be a brand new enemy to fight. It is the status quo for the military industrial complex. What group will be the next collective to kill? We got lots of ammo to use up!

      • wynotme307

        My vote for the next group would be unconstitutional politicians. Then anti-American Presidents and whomever has a bumpersticker supporting him. But let’s tackle this ISIS group first before we democratically mob the next one.

  • Steve

    You know, when the Argentinians were sailing within the exclusion zone of Thatcher’s boys and their ships — even thought hey began sailing away, she ordered their ship to be sunk. In WW2 we hated taking out entire German cities at one time in our pursuit of Hitler, but war is unpleasant for a reason. WHY won’t our government fight these savages harder? We are the worlds super power. We have every tool at our advantage to save lives and create peace through strength. USE IT!

  • rotorhead1871

    we have no leadership….so this is a distinct possibility……olama is clueless….EEO has not helped him be a real leader….our leadership has created this mess….through horrible immigration and foreign relations policies……we are the stupids… everyone knows it. if we would have stayed in IRAQ….this would not have happened…….olama is just stupid…

    very sad!!.

  • Jonas

    all-CIA-duh the 2nd, ISIS, is choosing Chicago? Wow there must be a bunch of Larry Silversteins (or Rahm Emanuals) who can’t wait to cash-in on the terrorism insurance fraud.

    According to the latest douche-bag General at the Pentagon (one Obami didn’t fire), the way to defeat ISIS is to invade Syira, Iraq (again), Iran–dropping as many million dollar bombs, building as much useless infrastructure, leaving behind as much supplies for whatever regime gets it.

    Wait this just in from Israel–Hamas is now morphed into a new super-group called Hamidi. This new Hamidi group has augmented their Iranian bottle rocket arsenal with Chinese roman candles. The only way to defeat them is to double the bulldozers and phosphorous bombs dropped on schools Gaza and to triple the foreign aid to both sides.

    • Julia

      There will always be at least one troll who wants to blame Israel. So Israeli citizens SHOULDN’T protect themselves against well-funded terrorists shooting missiles into Israeli kindergartens and hospitals – thousands of missiles to date? And hundreds of tunnels into their peaceful towns? Do you have a problem with that protection Jonas? The decision last month by the Israeli government to respond to years of Hamas rocket-fire from Gaza is the response ANY government would choose if rockets were fired at its citizens. Look at the Hamas Charter and compare it with ISIS. They are one in the same – it’s about domination. And appeasement doesn’t work either. Israel graciously gave them their beautiful, lush farmland almost 10 years ago as a gesture of goodwill. It was known as Gush Katif (now Gaza) and it was a thriving economic powerhouse where organic produce and flowers were grown in one of the most advanced agricultural infrastructures in the world. Instead of enjoying this abundance and wealth – and creating more of their own – they came in and burned – yes BURNED – the greenhouses and farmlands down to the ground, thus wiping out any hope of independent financial stability that they could have had. Gaza could have been the Singapore of the Middle East. It is gorgeous. It could have thrived with hotels and resorts. But instead of using the billions of global aid that come in for economic growth and independence, it’s used for weaponry and tunnels. We never hear about this in the media. But again, read the Hamas Charter. They do not want peace or successful agriculture or tourism. Look it up – see what ISIS wants. Our governments have the right to stop sophisticated terrorists that state very clearly what their motives are…. yes, even if it involves bulldozers and bombs.

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