This little girl’s stern letter to her parents is hilarious

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A little girl put an embargo on story time with her parents, unless they “change their attitude.”

According to Metro, a girl identified as Chloe wrote a very stern letter to her parents, saying she was upset with their “overly strict” behavior.

The hilarious letter reads:

“Dear Parents, It seems you are both a little overly strict tonight, therefore I do not wish to read with you tonight. But if you change your attitude, I will be glad to. Goodnight.”

The note was posted to Reddit by the girl’s uncle, who described the 9-year-old as “very bright,” Metro reports.

It’s still unclear what Chloe’s parents did to inspire the letter.


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  • kindamara

    Well then! Don’t read to her again nor help her with anything. If she doesn’t respect her parents, then maybe they could tell her she’s going to foster care. In my day if we mouthed off, we were dropped off at the local “orphanage”! LOL, that straightened us up … Or all we were allowed to eat was cornmeal mush for a few days. But in today’s world that would be construed as “child abuse” …

  • Double D

    Why do people think stuff like this is cute? God forbid the kid is the one “running” the household. We need more discipline and less ignorant brats.

    • MLHallmark

      Lighten up Double D. This is how we all learn to test boundaries and relationships. Some kids do it by having tantrums. Some try to reason their way out of something. Others write a letter. This is a charmingly inventive way to for a smart little girl to dialogue with her parents.

  • Momplays2

    This very bright girl is expressing her feelings. Anger is real in children and she is probably repeating back phrases her parents have used with her. Shame on anyone who would suggest to strike her and especially who would threaten abandonment. Sounds like an opportunity for discussion of feelings, Most children would probably act out in defiance or stuff those feelings inside and have them eat away at them. This was a healthy outlet and I suspect the parents are in totally in control since their daughter feels they are “a little overly strict”. More children should be encouraged to write out their feelings.

    • RegularGuy55

      This goes beyond expressing how she feels. It’s an ultimatum directed at her parents. She is telling her parents what they can – and can’t – do with her. I’m sorry, not at that age.

  • Tino

    I can’t believe you people got bent out of shape over this. Like you were never upset with your parents as a kid. Everyone’s talked back to their folks one way or another at some point in their lives. Anyone who says otherwise is a liar. Get a grip.

  • snikker17

    She thinks her parents are overly strict because all of her friends probably get to do anything they want. Without being “yellled at” or otherwise told what to do or what not to do. Which is what happens when you create a society filled with wussified parents. Yes, lets not discipline kids, lets play nicey-nice with them so we dont hurt their feelings.
    Lets get this straight once and for all. You are the parent. Act like one. He/she is the child. This is a dictatorship, not a democracy. You make the rules. They dont. End of story.
    And you know what happens when little Jane/Johnny gets older and has to live in the real world after being coddled their whole life? They cant cope with the hard reality that they are now in, and god forbid they have a boss or coworker that hurts their feelings. They wont know what to do.

  • Karina

    I completely agree with momplays. Being able to express yourself (in a respectful way) to your parents at any age is important. I’ve grown up in a house where talking was the way to go instead of acting out in destructive ways. I believe this child went about it the right way, and yes discussion is due to get it all out. The healthy way! I’ve seen so many kids growing up immediately lie to their parents or act out and that behavior is not ok. This I.would accept and talk to my kid about their feelings more.

  • RegularGuy55

    Expressing your feelings to parents is okay. Giving your parents orders and ultimatums at that age is not. If this works, and the parents concede, what’s next? “I don’t wish to go to school” or “I will go to bed whenever I decide to”?
    A lot of parenting problems with teenagers started when the parents abdicated their parenting role in order to be their kids’ best friend as adolescents. The message needs to be communicated to this articulate little girl that she does not dictate what her parents do.

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