Chicago police shoot and kill family dog during chase

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A south side family awoke to screaming and gunshots and found police in their yard and their family dog dead.

Terry Taylor says police told him they were chasing someone, and wound up in Taylor's backyard at 59th and Martin Luther King Drive.

Officers opened the gate, covered with a Beware of Dog sign, then shot dead the 120 pound Italian Mastiff named Castro, who was outside at the time.

The dog's owner is devastated. The family has had the dog since it was a pup and calls 9-year-old Castro a member of the family.

The owners want the body of the dog removed and cremated at the city's expense.

Police say the dog charged at them before they fired.

The investigation continues.

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  • penny

    That poor animal did absolutely nothing wrong to die at the hands of trespassing cops. Of course they will say the dog attacked them to cover their butts. Do they have any injuries? I highly doubt it. I hope the family sues big time! Another case of trigger happy cops that think they can kill any animal they come a cross. It’s happening all the time now. Maybe if the city has to pay for their incompetence, they will think twice before killing a innocent animal who was in it’s own yard, doing absolutely nothing wrong! This is really sad, and tragic for the family. My deepest sympathy for their loss of Castro.

    • Ava

      As I understand, signs were posted- “beware of dog”, however the police come onto a private property and shoot the dog! The dog is suppose to bark and bite! The police were warned, oh, posted signs don’t apply to them? The dog’s job is to protect his family and home! How dare CPD! The family should sue for killing the family pet! Rest in peace Castro!

      • Rachel

        I am a dog and cat owner and would never leave my dogs out over night. I too have a sign on my fence but still would never leave them out over night even when one of my dogs got skunked at 3am!!!! Family members sleep in the house!!!!

      • Ava

        No where in the story did it say the dog was out all night or that the family were all asleep. The children may have let the dog out that morning while mom and dad slept. The dog has to releave hisself just like people! Too much is being read into it giving the police excuses for doing what they did and blaming the homeowner for having a yard with fences 5 and a half feet that he had signs on it “Beware of Dog”. The police were wrong and obviously stupid to not check under the porch before or after the dog was shot.

  • Alyse

    Terrible that the police did this. Not blaming the family, but I never leave my dogs outside unattended for this specific reason. I never want to give anyone the opportunity to hurt my pets.

    • Ava

      You should watch the video again. Terry Taylor said before the suspect walked away he told his son he was sorry the police killed their dog. The police didn’t see that he was hiding under the porch. He got away.

  • Rachel

    Sorry i know id be devasted if this happened to me but ALL my family members sleep in my house and that includes my dogs and cats.

  • Kathy

    So sorry for your loss! POS cops doing it again because they get away with it.
    Please contact The Lexus Project on their website.
    There are several cases making a difference. You can find them on facebook …Justice for Geist, Justice for Blue, Justice for Willy Pete. Lexus Project is working with these and more to try and stop this unacceptable behavior by these ignorant cops.

  • Shaquita

    The cop is a murderer; plain and simple. I know Castro (the dog) and he was a loving and playful dog. He would never just hurt someone for no reason. The cop is a liar, who shot Castro in cold blood without a care in the world. Castro was a member of the family, and the children loved him (everyone did). These callous and heartless police have to be stopped. Protect and serve and stop the senseless acts of violence. If someone kills a police dog; he or she is considered a murderer. Moreover, the same rules should apply for the cop in this case. To make a long story short; he should be fired and the City of Chicago has to pay.

  • kathy Barnhart

    Almost every state has a “freeze don’t shoot” walk coming up in October. Find your states facebook page and join. We can make a difference!

    • P.A.Manning

      I can” t personally walk BUT I can get the word out.;-D… Please PUBLISH THE CHICAGO INFO.for us all .
      Viva y Pluto

  • Siegfried Heydrich

    Cowardly cops kill cowardly. The family should, I suppose be profoundly grateful that their children weren’t sleeping outside in an overnight back yard camp out, or they too would have been shot dead. Look, I’m not a rightwinger or a political ideologue of any kind. But the cops are totally out of control. They rob, they kill, they maim with total impunity. Nothing a cop EVER does is wrong or unjustified. After all, they investigate themselves and surprise! they discover that they never, ever do anything wrong. Ever. And because they never. ever do anything wrong, if you’re dead it’s because you deserved to be dead. After all, they said so, right? I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the cops bill the family for the bullets they expended on slaughtering their family pet.

    I’m well over 60, ready to retire. When I was a kid, a cop was someone you went to if there was trouble. Now the cops ARE the ones causing the trouble, and only a total fool calls them unless there’s absolutely no other choice. The cops have stopped being a solution to the problem, and now ARE the problem. Once, I respected them. Now, I only fear and despise them. They are incompetent, corrupt, unprofessional, brutal, and utterly unworthy of the uniforms and badges they carry.

    If you want to know why the American people have utterly lost faith in their government, you have to look no farther than this.

  • Joe Chicago

    This is why Chicago has the gun laws they do. They want to keep the guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens which means only the criminals are the ones who have guns, such as those who have been to 26th and California or who work for the CPD. Is one group really better than the other? What are the law abiding citizens to do?

    • P.A.Manning

      Well, if Chicago is ” Going to the dogs” , then let’s show them how to behave around others. If EVERY DOG OWNER was responsible, it’d be a snap , CPD is no more happy to have this public alienation & Bad Press. NOT GOOD FOR CHICAGO. So, this IS ” The City That WORKS!” Let’s find a way. Perhaps PAWS and ANTI- Cruelty would help? If we want to be reasonable we CAN FIX THIS PROBLEM , & EVERYBODY WINS ^_^

  • Ava

    They shot the dog through the fence. They didn’t ring the door bell or shoot in the air to make the dog retreat. They murdered the dog. As a matter of fact, they used a rifle to kill the dog. They shot him multiple times. How many police officers run in persuit of a suspect with a rifle? How would you jump a fence with a rifle? The dog was in a fence and the officer was outside the fence so how is it a “charge”? The dog let them know he was there, so how was it a “charge”? They are liars and murdering thugs! They were no better than the person they were trying to persue!

    • P.A.Manning

      This is TRUE? THIS IS MURDER ….. who is following up on this ? Has the officer a history of Violence Towards Animals? Alienation/Aggression/ FEAR is THE KILLER
      I hope they bury him if he murdered Castro as you’ve recounted. How do you know this to be true? Witnesses should come forward & demand JUSTICE ..After all as a Chicagoan . we DO PAY CPD Salaries.
      POWER ! PEOPLE- USE IT OR LOSE IT ! As Marley sang..”Get up Stand UP! …….

  • Liz

    Get a damn electric fence, and then let them get in your yard. Let’s be more humane than the system and taze the pig before it kills a member of your family without a second thought.

  • terry longtree

    When I was 11 years old in 1976, I saw a man in my back yard at the pen where my dog was located,There was a padlock on the gate of the pen. we had a Privacy fence surrounding our yard. There was no reason for anyone to be in our back yard as it is private property. Poodle was inside the pen and when I got outside there was a sheriffs deputy trying to break the lock off the cage. 1 there was not a disturbance call, 2 the yard was completely fenced so the officer without warrant went through one gate and walked some 80 feet to the cage, 3 he was trying to break into the cage. I went outside and confronted what at that time i thought was a thief. When I realized it was a sheriffs deputy I said what do you think you’re doing? yes I yelled at him, after all he was trespassing. My family lived in a quiet neighborhood full of families with children. The sheriff told me to back into the house and i told him no i am on my private property. To which he put his hand on his revolver. I was home alone, I said you dumb ass I am calling the police.At this point he turned and briskly left the yard. 1 the pen where poodle was located could not be seen from any one walking or driving by which also means that poodle never barked at any one or any thing. 1 week before we had a yard sale that was set up in our backyard When I described the sheriff deputy my dad said that was the same man who came to the sale and told my dad it wasn’t right to cage him up like that. Poodles cage was 25 feet long and 10 feet wide. he had a 15 gallon gravity watering station. and a 25 lb gravity feeder as well as the best house any dog could have, Insulated and heated. This man would have likely killed my dog had he gotten him out of the cage because poodle was prone to aggressive behavior. Hence the reason for the pen. I would let him out 2 or 3 times a week and play with him, we got along great. I don’t know what the officers intentions were but I was 11 years old and very small compared to kids my age I was 3’6″ tall and probably weighed about 65 or 75 pounds soaking wet. 1 Why was he there? 2 Why was he attempting to break the lock off the cage and 3 why did he grab his gun as if to draw it? 4 why in 1976 did this deputy trespass onto private property?

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