National Guard arrives in Ferguson; Obama speaks on situation

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There have been no reports of violence so far today in Ferguson, Missouri after police were forced to fire tear gas and rubber bullets at protesters last night, when demonstrations got out of hand.

But there have been developments in the investigation into Michael Brown’s death.

A caller to a St. Louis radio station says Officer Darren Wilson shot at Brown, only after Brown rushed at police, and tried to grab the officer's gun. CNN is quoting sources close to the investigation, that the caller's story matches what Wilson is telling police.

This information contradicts a private autopsy, conducted for the family, that was released today. It found no evidence of a struggle and that Brown might have been walking away when he was shot at least six times.

Additionally, about 80 members of the National Guard arrived in Ferguson today. Their role is limited to protecting the area of police command center. It was an area that came under siege from rioters Sunday night.
Sunday night, what began as a rally for peace and justice near the shooting scene devolved into chaos. Police in riot gear deployed tear gas in response to shots fired from the crowd who threw molotov cocktails and attempted to overrun barricades.

Monday afternoon, Attorney General Eric Holder, who has already ordered a third autopsy on Brown's body, conferred with President Obama on federal options for quelling the violence in Ferguson.

President Obama also announced Monday the Justice Department has opened a civil rights investigation into the shooting death of Brown and that Attorney General Holder will travel to Missouri this week to meet with investigators.

Obama also called for calm in Ferguson in response to a week of sometimes violent demonstrations there in the wake of the shooting of a black teenager by a white police officer. Obama said “let’s see some understanding” rather than confrontation, and “let’s seek to heal.”


With the National Guard in place, Gov Jay Nixon has lifted the curfew here, in the hope that there will be no repeat of the violence that erupted overnight.





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  • dora

    So, big time protests when a white officer shoots a kid, but it’s fn ok for all the gangbangers to keep shooting babies and innocent people. Racism! If you really want to save the world stop your kids from killing each other.

  • Fed up

    So what we have here is a blame game. I am not a detective but based on common sense I see a young black teenager arrogantly strolling in to a convenient store, stealing, and as he is casually strolling out the door like he doesn’t have a care in the world, the owner confronts him and subsequently gets shoved out of the way. Now, are we to believe that this black teenager was subservient to the police officer when asked to obey commands? My guess based on common sense is no. Had this black male actually paid for his purchase he would be alive today. What is with these young black males with total disregard for hard working individuals (store owner) trying to make a life for themselves and thinking they can just take what they want. Get a job like the rest of society. Most of us work for peanuts but we work.

  • Racism ? Hmmm

    While rascism is rampant in today’s society it is of all kinds just not color believe it or not.
    I do not for minute think this unfortunate series of events are racist. Now I know some believe it was the police officers justification for shooting this man. I however do not believe based on the numerous witness’ and news reports to be the case.
    Now before you get all crazy and cause all kinds of “chaos”. The fact is as published here even in this above news article, the deceased failed to follow & to obey the lawful commands of this police officer. Not only as per the reports did he fail to obey the officers commands “he turned facing the officer and began to rush him”. Now shooting someone so many times is hard to understand, most military & law enforcement agents are trained to put down the perceived threat period!
    I know thats a hard pill to swallow, however if that was your mother, father, son or daughter on the receiving end of this man and you wanted your family member to come home safe after their work shift, I would reasonbly guess then that the use of force would have been justified in your eyes then.

  • Fishman

    Same Crap, White Guy shoots Black Guy. Witnesses say he was surrendering.
    Hurt, Turns to Anger, Anger to Violence, violence to looting.
    Same story over and over. Tell everyone what angels they were.
    The White People are getting tired of the blame.
    Jesse and Al step in.
    Same old song and dance.
    This just put the African community behind 200 years.

  • Chorizo

    Barry was NOT concerned about our 4 personnel killed at
    the embassy in Benghazi…went campaigning the next day
    & let a buffoon (Susan Rice) give a contrived story…
    the Obozo joke continues!

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