2-year-old killed when teen brother accidentally runs over him with SUV

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 2-year old boy died in Joliet when his 15-year-old brother accidentally ran over him while trying to pull out of his driveway in the family's SUV.

The accident happened Saturday afternoon in a West Joliet subdivision.

2-year-old Alex Marivilla was run over by older brother in the family's driveway. The Chicago Tribune reports the teen had his learners permit and was asked to move a GMC Yukon SUV out of the driveway.

Police tell the Tribune the teen pulled forward, heard a noise, stopped and found his little brother.

Police say this looks like a tragic accident in the young child may have been trying to get into the passenger side of the SUV. Police also tell the Tribune and the teen may not have seen him.


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  • AK

    The parents are on the hook for this. 15 year olds with permits are not licensed to operate a vehicle alone…PERIOD. This poor kid will live his life riddled with guilt over something that was not his fault.

  • DW

    I agree. This kid should not have been in the vehicle alone. I am wondering who was supposed to be watching the two year old at the time. I know accidents happen but this one seems completely preventable. I feel badly for all involved.

  • DandyJones

    “Police tell the Tribune the teen pulled forward, heard a noise, stopped and found his little brother…”
    I have a sick feeling that the “noise” that was heard was the kid’s skull getting crushed. RIP. parents need to be investigated.

  • Elliott Lanosa

    What was a 15 year old doing driving in the first place?? Where were the parents while this baby was in the driveway. They should be charged. So sorry for the baby and his brother, but the parents need to take responsibility for what happened and be charged.

    • vwd

      I think we as people can put ourselves on the “soap box” when things as tragic as this happens!! I TOTALLY agree this was just a TRAGIC accident and could have happened to any of us. As for as charging the parents?? What more charge can there be; your baby is gone, your son made an aweful mistake, you have other children grieving, a teenage son who’s blaming himself, people with their judgments and last but not least, you blaming yourself for the rest of your life!!! I’d say that’s “LIFE”!! Who needs four walls. So instead of judging and wanting to arrest somebody, look in the mirror, take a look at your own mistakes that could’ve ended tragic, and find some empathy for this family who’s lives will NEVER EVER BE THE SAME!!!!!

    • ADJ

      Laws are different in different states. I had a farm permit when I was 14, which allowed me to drive ALONE to and from school, work, and on farm-related errands. For the kids that didn’t live on farms, they could get the same driving regulations at 15.

    • kate

      You’re allowed to drive alone at 15 as you have a restricted license. Some states allow children as young as 14 to drive so there’s nothing illegal here. The only horrible thing is where were the parents in watching the baby?

  • Rob

    There is nothing illegal about a 15 year-old driving on private property. This is just a tragic accident. As a parent and an experienced driver, I am conditioned to check for kids around the car, unfortunately a 15-yo would not be.

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