RAW: Surveillance video believed to show Michael Brown robbing convenience store

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Ferguson, Missouri, Police Chief Thomas Jackson said that he decided to release video Friday of a convenience store robbery allegedly committed by Michael Brown “because the press asked for it.”

Brown was shot dead a short time after the robbery last weekend by a Ferguson police officer, who Jackson identified by name Friday.

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    • mona

      True, he did not deserve to be shot and killed, but if he exhibited the same arrogant andviolnet attitude and behavior as he did towards the store owner he robbed, what was the police supposed to do? Sometimes, we invite the tragic reactions by our own thoughtless actions. I would not trust the account given by his friend either. After all, he was there when his ‘angelic’ friend stole and shoved the store owner around and did nothing about it!

    • Toninette

      So true but shoplifting is not taking someone’s life if we embrace sowing and reaping in the death of a person for a small transgression we should be able to embrace it for our lives

      • Jamie

        True, small transgressions should not be fought with the threat of death. However, I think it is reasonable that someone who is willing to shoplift and use force (as shown in the video) against the clerk, is willing to fight with police.

  • George Washington

    Really tired of thugs walking around terrorizing everyone. Brown was huge! He didn’t need a gun. The only thing wrong with this case is that he should have been shot on the store!

  • Tex Clayton

    So tired of all these ignorant people defending violent disrespectful thugs. If this young man is that bold and disrespectful to walk in to a business and take this man’s property, then shove him like he did; he has no respect for the law, or his elders; and I would hate to imagine what he might be capable of in the future if he’s already that cold hearted. And all you looters out there are just no good thieving thugs looking for a reason to commit the crimes. Stop blaming others for your lack of morals and respect and seek God. We all have the same ability to make choices for better or worse.

  • Evilbear

    Despite race at what point do we the people get to say enough is enough? We are tired of seeing our youth gunned down at the hands of police that are afraid of them. At what point are we going to get to make citizens arrests and charge these rogue cops?At what point do we need to make a call to arms and take back our communities and nation from both criminals and over reaching officers?

  • Fed up

    So what we have here is a blame game. I am not a detective but based on common sense I see a young black teenager arrogantly strolling in to a convenient store, stealing, and as he is casually strolling out the door like he doesn’t have a care in the world, the owner confronts him and subsequently gets shoved out of the way. Now, are we to believe that this black teenager was subservient to the police officer when asked to obey commands? My guess based on common sense is no. Had this black male actually paid for his purchase he would be alive today. What is with these young black males with total disregard for hard working individuals (store owner) trying to make a life for themselves and thinking they can just take what they want. Get a job like the rest of society. Most of us work peanuts but we work.

    • Black Panther Mom

      Interesting, the further review of the video seems to show that he did in fact pay for his purchases and attorney’s for the convenience store say that the owners nor employees made a call to police about a robbery. Two years ago a white male walks into a theater kills 12 people and injures 70 wait let me say that again SEVENTY people and manages to walk away with his life. What is strange is I saw not one condemnation in the media about him being a thug, psychopath, how dare the police not shoot him, he deserved to die!! Yet you say that it is ok to kill am 18 year old kid for something he may or may not have done?? And people are making EXCUSES?? A man fires into a car full of boys because the have the nerve to NOT turn down their music and a mother no longer has a son I guess that’s ok too!!! I tell you this I am a black mother and we are not going to continue to allow our children to be hunted like animals with impunity!! You can continue to justify this all you want but at some point the whole country is going to look like Ferguson and understand that MLK is no loner her to beg us to protest nonviolently!!