Jewel-Osco says its computers were hacked

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

There's been another security breach at a nationwide store.  Jewel-Osco says its computers were hacked.  Details about leaked customer information has not been released.

Jewel's parent company, AB Acquisition, said the intrusion has been contained  and customers can safely use their credit and debit cards at their stores. It also released a statement saying they have no evidence that any customer data has been misused.

WGN's Judy Wang spoke to a Jewel customer who had been a victim of the Target breach. "I think twice now," said Karen Lacaze who was shopping at a Jewel Store in the South Loop.  "I'll certainly think again and again before I use a debit card," Lacaze added.

AB Acquisition released a statement saying the hacking took place some time between June 22nd and July 17th.   It was called

an "unlawful intrusion."  AB Acquisition also stated, it has not determined whether any cardholder data was in fact stolen. And, it said, it has no evidence of any misuse of any such data.

“We understand the inconvenience and concern an incident like this can cause, and we deeply regret that our customers’ data was targeted," said Mark Bates, Schief information officer at AB Acquisition.

AB Acquisition believes that the intrusion has been contained and is confident and is confident "customers can safely use their credit and debit cards in its stores."

AB Acquisition LLC is offering customers whose payment cards may have been affected 12 months of complimentary consumer identity protection services through AllClear ID by calling  855-865-4449 beginning at 3 p.m. Friday.

A far-reaching data breach at Target last year lead to the ouster of the company's CEO.

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1 Comment

  • Jim Plath

    Let’s see, they no longer have discount cards, they don’t have gas points, and they stopped giving local university discounts. Now they compromise our information and we’re supposed to keep shopping here WHY?