Hundreds hold protest in Chicago over unrest in Ferguson

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Hundreds took part in a peaceful protest and a moment of silence were held in Daley Plaza tonight as a show of solidarity after a controversial shooting followed by days of unrest in Ferguson, Missouri.

Michael Brown, an unarmed teen, was shot and killed by a Ferguson police officer the demonstrators in Chicagoans showed their frustration, anger and sadness. They sang and read poetry as part of the protest.

The crowd eventually took to the streets in the Loop.

Ferguson demonstration held in Chicago


  • Jackson

    What a crock if doggy doo doo. These prople coyld care less. They will be gangbangin later tonight. Lets guess how many how many will die tonight in the hood

  • DC123

    And don’t forget to protest, the three Americans killed in Benghazi. Oh, and by the way, Protest for all of the citizens, shot and killed in Chicago.

  • Meelz

    Is nobody aware that the gentleman who died, while very unfortunate, assaulted the officer and tried to take his gun? I mean… that’s not really “innocent.” I agree with everyone here, DC123, for example, who is pointing out that people die every day and nobody cares. What about the cop who died two weeks ago in MO during a routine traffic stop? Shot in cold blood. Did anybody protest that brutality? Or the cop in Jersey City who was murdered while responding to a gas station robbery? I don’t remember THOSE protests. Or all the many young men who are dying in the streets of Chicago EVERY DAY at the hands of their comrades? I mean, can we discuss any of this? No….? Just this one incident….? That’s poorly covered? And about which nobody seems to have all the information? Oh. Okay. Ignorance is bliss, after all…

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