ACLU: Traffic stop data shows persistent patterns of racial bias

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A new report by the ACLU reveals police departments across Illinois are using consensual  searches on more cars of African-American and Latino drivers that those of white drivers but more drugs and contraband were found in vehicles driven by whites.

The American Civil Liberties Union says the study is more proof that police need to end the practice of consensual searches.

The report reveals in Chicago, African-American and Latino motorists were more than four times more likely to have their vehicles searched during traffic stops last year than white motorists, even though officers found contraband in the vehicles of twice as many white drivers, according to the report.

In 2004, African-American and Latino motorists were nearly three times more likely to be searched than white motorists.

In areas patrolled by the Illinois State Police, Latino motorists were about 2 1/2 times more likely than white motorists to consent to a search in 2013, compared with nearly three times more in 2004.

The rate remained relatively flat for African-Americans, who were nearly twice more likely to get searched than whites.

At the same time white drivers were 2 1/2 times more likely than Latinos to have contraband, while whites were slightly more likely to have contraband than African-Americans last year.

The Chicago Police Department says they have taken step to add mandatory training for officers on how they interact with the community.

A spokeswoman for the Illinois State Police says the agency has taken steps to improve the accountability, training and "cultural awareness" of officers.









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  • Yea.... Ok.....

    Somehow I do not believe this hype to be the case or true.
    In the suburbs surrounding Chicago I see daily the local police pulling all races and ethnicities over for traffic stops.
    Let me tell you I do an awful lot of driving in alot of different suburbs & Chicago.
    While the ACLU may have a factual basis in Chicago itself proper because of the demographics I really do not believe the ACLU has a leg to stand on in this matter

    • Choi

      Where is your evidence do you have statistics to prove them wrong. They pulled this information from a state data log. Your are just making a bias opinions with no facts to back it up.

      • Enlighten You

        I take offense to your statement of myself making a “bias” opinion in this matter.
        1st off if you read my comment thoroughly you would have discovered that I stated I am making my opinion on the facts of my many many miles driven daily personally that I have driven throughout the city of Chicago & surrounding suburbs, period.
        In addition to my observations of which I stated where exactly that, my own. Also I had noted that I have seen people of all ethnicities being pulled over on traffic stops.
        Now if you feel that you or someone you know unjustly may have been targeted for a traffic stop, you should have filed a police report.

        In addition the fact of the matter is that if you have a very large metropolitan city like Chicago with millions of people and you take the state police’s “data” report of the sure raw numbers logistically of the people pulled over in Chicago and then combine those raw numbers with all of the other counties in Illinois with a substantially less dense populations that are nowhere close in population size to that of Crook County you will get a very skewed report.
        So I hope this helps your thought process.

  • Bob Philins

    That traffic stop statistical study has been going on for years and has been extended numerous times. I know this first hand because I fill them out. I would like to know why. Did they not like the results the first time the study was suppose to be completed? Also if the article is going to refer to blacks as African Americans and Hispanics as Latinos then please refer to whites as Caucasions. Thank you.

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