This video could change the way you think about healthy eating

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WARNING: This video may be upsetting for some viewers. Viewer discretion is advised. 

A PSA by  Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta Strong4Life might change the way you think about healthy eating.

In the group’s “Rewind the Future” video, we meet Jim, a 300-pound man that has just been wheeled into an operating room. He’s had a heart attack.

After the doctor asks, “How the hell does that happen?” we get a look at Jim’s life before the heart attack, unhealthy habits and all.

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  • Carrie

    Bravo. Glad somebody had the balls to say it. I’m getting really tired of all of this “fat acceptance” nonsense. Being fat is not healthy. Don’t ruin your kids life because you want to eat junk and be lazy.

    • Sarah Dardick

      Most people don’t choose to be fat. Eating disorders, for example, have nothing to do with laziness. As the video subtly pointed out, the man’s mother soothed him with food at a young age which implies that he did the same as an adult and possibly lacked other ways to cope. Fat acceptance is not about saying that being fat is a healthy lifestyle. Rather, it is about acknowledging that people who are “fat” (quotes added because the definition can be subjective) deserve the same dignity as others which includes the right to be seen as a whole person, someone who has worth, someone who may be beautiful, etc. as well as a right not to be assumed to be ugly, lazy, objectified, etc. My father, one of the most wonderful men in the world, died due to complications of obesity. He suffered from bulimia and had a deeply traumatic history. No normal human being could come out of a history like that unscathed. He struggled with obesity his whole life and hated himself largely because of the lack of fat acceptance. His self-hatred reinforced his bulimia; a caring community would probably have helped him heal. He was an awesome dad, kindhearted, quick witted, and hard working. As far as parents go, I do not agree with feeding kids junk; however, I also believe that parents usually are doing the best they can. Statistics have linked higher rates of obesity, type 2 diabetes, fast food consumption, etc. to children raised in poorer families. When people are working three jobs, don’t have their basic needs met, and/or feel socially or financially stuck, they cannot always make the best decisions for themselves and their children. Also, have you ever seen a free school lunch? Helping parents have the ability to make better food choices for their children will probably be a lot more effective than telling parents that they are horrible and lazy.

    • Richard Evans

      Thank You. Fat acceptance is likely due to the fact that it’s much easier to just say I’m ok with myself than to do anything about it. Since so many Americans are over weight it’s gathering ground.

  • Mike

    *sigh* Had to get some video game blame in there, eh? You can be a gamer and be physically fit. Being overweight has nothing to do gaming. IT has everything to do with how you live your life and eat.

    • Richard Evans

      How believable would the video have been if the guy hadn’t been eating junk food, playing video games, watching TV, and basically living a sedentary lifestyle and rather was eating vegetables, running every day, active in sports etc…? Can you engage these sedentary activities and be healthy? Sure, I guess, but it might arguable that someone who does all of those things and has perfect health is in the minority i.e. unlikely. My son plays video games constantly and is well within acceptable height weight standards however, that doesn’t mean he’s healthy on the inside and I’d argue not as healthy as he could be. I’m 40 but I bet I can run longer and farther than him. As one poster said take these things in moderation. Play video games, watch TV, eat McDonalds, just don’t do it all day every day. And please please quit acting like being over weight is ok or big and beautiful. I don’t think people who are should be ostracized but they should not be celebrated for it. It is unhealthy and by celebrating it we’re teaching our children that being over weight is acceptable.

  • Carlos Garza

    You can do every single thing “Jim” did and still live what’s considered a healthy life. The secret is moderation, we need to teach our kids how much to eat as much as what to eat.

    • Pishti

      ‘MODERATION – is a good idea. However, the majority one should eat MUST be healthy stuff and only occasionally permitted the junk, if at all. Still is not sitting to be blamed for many of our ills coupled with sedentary life style. But who in an office could stand up every 30 minutes and walk about – as recommended?

  • Maureen Coffey

    These things can never be drastic enough. However, as showing cancerous legs and lungs on cigarette packs have had almost no effect I doubt any such “scaremongering” will actually stop obesity. And how could it when most “authorities” claim fat becomes fat. It doesn’t .- the fatty tissue in the human body has its fat SOLELY from carbohydrates in the diet, as these are broken into the building blocks of the fat molecules and later resynthesized to make up the fat storage. There is only one link to eating fat and becoming obese: if you eat too much fat AND eat carbs then you will grow fatter from the fraction of carbs in your diet because the fat is burnt, the carbs then are not. Bu eating too many calories, and NO carbs will actually even make you slimmer, as always a tiny fraction of body fat is used even if calories are plenty (though this is not a healthy diet, as it leads to ketonuria etc.). Eating the right amount ion the right mix and not being too sedentary are all that is needed to lead a healthy life.

    • bob newbie

      That is all a bunch of made up bro-science. The only thing that matters in weight gain or weight loss is calories In and Calories Out. Meaning if you eat more calories then you burn in a day, you will gain weight and vice versa.

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