Styrofoam headstones in suburbs raise awareness about drug overdoses

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Audrey Albright doesn’t mind at all that motorists are slowing down and gawking at her front lawn in Lombard these days.

It’s become a temporary graveyard of Styrofoam headstones that represent the death toll of drug overdoses.

About 100 Americans die every day from OD’s.

The traveling tombstones have been making the rounds of various community events and private suburban homes.

They make a stop at Albright’s house because her son, Michael Savastano died of a heroin overdose in 2012.

"Stop Overdose Illinois" made the gravestones in an effort to educate the public about the dangers of opiates and prescription narcotics, which cause the majority of overdoses.

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  • Bill Otten

    If you are stupid enough to do drugs-you deserve to die. In today’s society, unless you are mentally disabled, there is no way that you could claim that you aren’t awareness of the dangers of drugs! Stupidity is no excuse.

    • Mimi

      Your an idiot! How ignorant of you to say that, I hope for your sake you never have to bury a loved one- drugs do not discriminate

    • Cassie

      Bill your statement proves YOU aren’t aware of drugs. If you were more educated about them, you would be saying such nonesense. Either that or we don’t live in the same society. So long as you are from America however we have the same issue. This is a cultural problem. It is not something that discriminates against gender or religion or sexuality or ethnicity. It affects all the above as it is a part of the American culture.

      You’ve got back pain? We have a pill for that.
      You’ve got tummy ache? We’ve got a drug for that?
      Cold? Can’t get your nose to stop running? Eyes itch? We’ve got something for everything!

      We are a drug pushing culture. We get drugs pushed on us by doctors and we push them on our kids. And after years of giving them tummy pink stuff we expect them to think drugs are bad.

      How often do we ask our doctors what the addictive quality of our prescription is? How often do people actually take the pharmacist up on it when they ask “Do you have any questions”. What is the extent of our drug education in this country? The failed DARE program and a semester of health education sophomore year of highschool when one teacher is also trying to cram sex education and eating disorders into their lessons plans. so your talking a week, a one hour class for a week of drug education. Do you think they cover prescription drugs in that course? Sophomore year of highschool you are 16 years old. Did you know average first time use is 12 now days. We expect 12 year olds to know something they’ve barely if ever been talked to about while for years we’ve trained them to take it to make them feel better. We have embedded this in our culture and it is social acceptable to use, I’m not sure what society you think we live in, but i assure you, your wrong.

      Our doctors who we trust to make decisions about what we ingest aren’t even aware. They often have no clue how the prescriptions they right lead to addiction and eventually to street drugs. We fail to accept that we uneducated, to rise above the stimga associate with drugs and mental health issues, we sit around and make ignorant comments like the one you just posted while peoples loved ones die. The very people you stigmatize meanwhile are praying it doesn’t happen to your or your family and that you become educated before it does.

      You are right about one thing though, stupidity is no excuse. Which is why you should start being a bit more educated. Addiction is a brain disease and whether you agree with that isn’t of importance when compared to the science that says so.

      • Pat

        it makes me sick to my stomach that you are so right in your response to ‘bill’, who i hope isn’t a parent..

      • Noel

        you have hit the nail on the head here…rarely to people think to ask what the risk of addiction is on the drugs MD’s prescribe. I have a history of addiction, when I had surgery a couple years ago I told my Dr. and surgeons and nurses about my past problems and that I wanted to manage the pain with as little narcotics as possible…because I know me and I know it only takes a couple doses and that thing in my brain switches to “hey this is nice…this feels good” and forgets the devastation that can follow. As a parent I am very aware that it can happen to anyone at anytime. I only hope I can use my experience to educate my children so they won’t have to go through what I did.

      • cleew

        Bill, do you have anything of value to add to this conversation? Blaming it on stupidity is a weak and pathetic response, not mention wrong.

        For starters people using include college students, CEO’s, business owners, doctors themselves, all types of well educated people. So I think we need to define stupid because your definition sounds…off.

        To be honest, i’m not sure you can read as you didn’t respond intelligently to anything I said. A response of value would have attempted to dismiss the the fact that this is an issue with our culture. Something we have be trained to see as acceptable and have trained our children to accept as well. The only minor attempt at rebuttal was to say people need to follow the directions.

        Which brings me to the part where you prove my point; You are uneducated about this issue.

        If you knew much about it, you would know that this country is over prescribed. That most patients are taking 6x as much as they need. Why? because the prescription says to. Why does the prescription say to? Because our doctors push drugs on us. They want us to feel good so we associate pain relief and pleasure with them and come back for more. Why do they want us to come back for more? Money! So, do we blame the doctors? No! They aren’t aware of the drug use epidemic either and how their prescriptions lead to addiction. They aren’t pharmaceutical neurologist. They don’t know the way the drugs rewire the brain for addiction or the addictive quality of these drugs. They are following the orders of the manufactures who push drugs on them; also for money. And as I said, they don’t know the addictive qualities.

        Tell me Bill, do you know the actually amount of Vicodin a person needs following a hip replacement? The doctor is likely to prescribe the standard 60 that most doctors are prescribing for any instance. They are also likely to prescribe one or two refills. Do you know how many it will take for an individual to get addicted? Please, try to enlighten me with your knowledge.

        Give me something worth my time because your last response sounded like an immature and uneducated kid.

        I encourage you for your own sake, to please seek a bit more education before putting your ignorant responses out there. Your OPINIONS make you look foolish.

    • Bill Otten

      Tell me that I’m wrong! Nobody FORCES anyone to do drugs-they CHOOSE TO! THis world doesn’t need more stupid people like these! It already has ignorant people like you.

      • Mimi

        we’ve all done & made poor choices, kids never think anything bad like addiction could happen to them dont be so judgmental

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