Parents upset over prep athletes’ punishment for party

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Parents in suburban Glen Ellyn are upset after a teen drinking party, that was busted up by police, led to punishments at Glenbard West High School. Parents met with school officials tonight at the District 87 headquarters and asked for the athletic code to be reviewed and possibly changed.

The athletic code at Glenbard West has been in existence for nearly 20 years and says that no student-athlete can attend, host, plan, or participate in parties where there is any illegal substance, including alcohol. The code is in effect 24 hours a day whether school is in session or not.

So when police broke up a party in June where there was alcohol and no parents, 30 students were disciplined. Suspensions range from 20 percent of games to a full season, if it's the second offense. The students are in a variety of sports including football, basketball, volleyball, cheerleading, dance and soccer.

One person at the party was ticketed and officers gave a list of attendees to Glenbard West's resource officer. The police department and the school have an agreement to do that.

Many parents are upset about the disciplinary action. As one parent said, it's unfair, overly harsh, inconsistent, and out of touch with reality.

The students and parents are told about the code numerous times during the school year and even sign off saying they understand and agree with it.

After tonight's meeting, school officials say the suspensions stand.

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  • D.M. P.

    I fully support the school decision. I am a parent of a student athlete in district 87. The kids are reminded time and time again. Parents saying its too harsh are the ones not in touch with reality. These kids are lucky thats all that happened and nobody was hurt. Giving these kids entitlement is wrong. They need to face the consequences.

  • Ron

    Why don’t they include the name of the parent who made that idiotic comment? It is not unfair, not overly harsh, not inconsistent and is completely in touch with reality. First offense should be entire season.

    • bob

      The school has handled this completely wrong. I am a parent of a student at Glenbard West who has multiple friends that are being punished for this party. The girl who had the party had no intention of alcohol being there at all. Kids going into their freshman year of college caught news of the birthday “party” and invited themselves into the house with alcohol which endangered all of the athletes. I feel awful for the kids.

      • Perky

        Then your responsible children should have left the party knowing there would be consequences. Your setting a horrible example.

      • Dick Beninya

        When “they” show up with alcohol , “they” are denied entry. If “they” have a problem with that “you” call PoPo on “them”! Or “you” leave..,,just like the agreement “you” signed says. What’s out of touch with that?

  • seriously?

    so what everyone is saying is that if any adult 21 years or older goes to a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol and someone gets a DUI later that night, EVERY person in that bar should because they were there when one person (the one getting the DUI) made the wrong decision? Maybe we should also suspend the entire team if one kid is failing a class while we’re at it.

  • Thomas ODonnell

    As a former student of GBW, this never happened to the jocks when I was in school. They were aloud to do what they wanted, while the punk kids were singled out for the way they dressed. It is about time these kids are held accountable for their actions. You play you pay. You signed an agreement.

  • Get over it

    As a recent former grad of Glenbard West (4 years) and student athlete this is actually ridiculous. We were told constantly what would happen if we were caught drinking because we were underage. This is not a harsh punishment it is a reality, if these students go on to play at the college level and get caught by the police drinking underage, they can lose their scholarship are you going to go to their coach then? Teach your kids to either wait for college to drink or be more responsible, these are the consequences its not like they didn’t know them. Also, to compare this incident to a DUI is the dumbest thing I have ever heard there is no comparison.

    • teapeach

      How nice to see a response that holds its own generation responsible for their own actions and which supports their school for trying to ensure that their graduates will be rational, productive, citizens. Congratulations, not only to you but to your parents! You have a great sense of values.

    • teapeach

      Not really. You are complaining because a school is actually following through on a policy and applying the rule to “good” kids and athletes. The school appropriately believes that its students represent the school not only at school, but on and off the field. Kudos to them for having the same standards for all!!! I wish more schools would do the same. Future generations would then have parents who are a lot more responsible than the present. This certainly would bode well for the future.

  • Jennifer Cox

    The code should stand FIRM! How dare a parent say that the code is out of touch! That is what’s wrong with our society…self- indulgent, excuse-making, lower-the-standards,etc, etc, etc!!! While these kids are suspended from sports, they should be getting therapy, along with their parents! So sick of parents making excuses!! They are the ones who are out of touch with the reality that their kids are in trouble! We are all in trouble in one way or another- some less, some more.. Accept the signs and face it head on! Don’t stick your head in the sand and blame someone else. We are on this earth to help each other. GO GBW!!! Uphold the code!

  • Chris Novak

    Any parents upset about athletic code suspensions should direct their frustration at the parents who supervised, and especially the parents who did NOT supervise a party. “Out of touch with reality” is no excuse for breaking the LAWS of the State of Illinois (underage drinking). I think all the moaning is about getting CAUGHT breaking the law. Perhaps next time the laws will be obeyed, by both students AND their parents!

  • Daddyfour

    Once everyone understands that this was about changing a very grey code they will get that this was not a meeting to get kids off or to condone drinking! This is about athletes that choose not to drink that happen to be in a space where there is drinking! The way this code reads is if your athlete attends an outside concert and theres drinking he/she is in violation….I know thats extreme but this is exactly how it reads! SOme kids don’t drink so they are to be punished too? So athletes should sit home or better yet sit around without a social life? This was and is the main thrust of that meeting and people are turning this into their own agenda…like all these kids got drinking tickets…THEY DID NOT>

  • Chris Novak

    Daddyfour, you can “what if” until the cows come home, and I sincerely hope you don’t become “Daddythree” when one of your brood dies due to arguing about suspensions. Read the code here: — sections H, I, J, and K don’t seem ‘grey’ to me, other than not distinguishing between a ‘private’ birthday party versus ‘open to the public’ events such as an outside concert. Were some of the 30 suspensions the result of public events? I’m guessing not. PARENTS should ALWAYS be involved to ensure that State of Illinois laws aren’t broken when their MINORS get together! The parents who weren’t home to supervise a gathering of MINORS should be FINED (Glen Ellyn Police were summoned to break up the party).

  • Homer Thompson

    Trying to police a bunch of highschool kids off campus and during off-hours is simply insane. They had that same stupid “code” when I was a student at GBW, too… and then, as now, it was roundly ignored as we all got on doing whatever we were otherwise doing. If parents are pissy about their kids having a party, get off your ass and do some parenting. If it does not directly affect the school, the school should have zero say in any of this. Full stop.

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