Man claims he bought out Burger King’s pies to spite obnoxious kid

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A Canadian man was visiting a Burger King to grab some lunch, when he couldn’t help but overhear the “out of control” child behind him.

According to PIX11, the man claimed the boy was screaming, punching his mother and throwing his game boy around.

The young boy kept demanding pie, using foul language, not usually heard from the mouth of such a small child.

The man said he asked the mother to calm him down, but she refused.

When he finally made it to the counter, the man decided to take matters into his own hands, and ordered all the pies that the restaurant had left—both hot and cold.

“I decided to ruin their day,” he recalled on a message he posted to Reddit.

The poster said he couldn’t remember exactly how the woman reacted when she was told there were no pies left, but whatever she said, “she was not happy and looking for someone to blame.”

Although the man said the incident took place in early 2012, he recently posted his story to Reddit because he wanted to know if it was the right thing to do.

He wrote that he is remorseful saying, “If you’re (sic) out there, I do apologize for my actions, it was indeed childish of me, and I am sorry.”



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  • one of many

    “If you’re (sic) out there, …” “You’re” is correct. DUH! You say “your” hair, “your” car, “your” grammar book but the contraction of you are is “you’re.” If you are out there…
    Does anyone go to school anymore and if so, what good is it doing?!

  • darkestyet

    THANK YOU.! They aren’t teaching cursive in most schools anymore, so maybe they will have time to focus on grammar.. may possibly make cursive a “secret language” of the old and curious.

  • reveneal

    really? the comments here are grammar related? KUDOS to the patron!! Mother seems to need parenting classes or else needs to actually care about teaching the child how to behave instead of giving in. No apologies required. hopefully the patron didn’t throw the pies away and then my question is at what cost to empty the store of all its pies?

  • Bonnie fear

    The mom should of walked the child right back to her car and brought him home, fed a peanut butter/jelly sandwich and put down for a nap. Taken the batteries out of his game boy and tried to teach the kid a lesson on how to treat an adult, how to act in public and that she can get control of her bratty child. Parents nowadays just need parenting classes on how you can still teach these kids so much without spanking and get respect back.

  • Elizabeth

    This guy is a hero. This should be a lesson to parents everywhere who take this crap from their kids. You’re not doing your child any favors by allowing him to act like a monster.

  • Patti

    He’s an ass! That child was more than likely autistic or had some other issues going on other than just being a spoiled brat. I’ve had stuff like this happen to me, when people would assume things, and try to intervene or interfere (it only makes matters worse) next time try to be helpful & ask if you can help in any way, instead of being a spiteful d___head!

    • Brats Belong At Home

      Or, the kid was just a spoiled brat. Kudos. I probably would have done the same.

      If your kid isn’t able to behave in the grown-up world, he should stay home.

  • Cindy

    Doesn’t anyone have the “balls” to give a good fashion butt whippin’ when its needed? End of my rant, say what you will I don’t care, We survived them and learned how to act as responsible adults. The lack of a swift and immediate punishment is a major part of to-days society……

    • Gary

      I was with Cindy on this… A good old fashioned whooping is due in this one. And to the one that did this to that child, You are a Hero. I tip my hat to you. 100% Hero…

  • Karen tannehill

    Shame on him. That poor child could very well have some mood disorder or bipolar issues. Until you have a child of your own thAt has acted this same way, do NOT judge other peoples children. These kids have a very difficult time dealing with change or being told that they can’t have something. There moods change drastically by something very simple setting them off . I’ve lived through this and it’s a disability that is only heard and not seen; meaning people don’t realize the child has issues because they dont appear physically like that have a disability. MAybe you should have asked the mother if there was something you could do to help the situation instead of making it worse.

    • Karckade Lara

      You’re just like the mother that refused to calm the kid down. Women like you are the problem.
      You’re just gonna let the stupid brat punch you and insult you for some stupid pie? You are an irresponsible woman.
      Shame on YOU.

  • Vir

    we always got.. If you don’t behave we will leave! and Yeah, If we didn’t .. We did leave ..with nothing .. and yes on occassion (not often) in the privacy of the house a spanking was felt for misbehaviour (not done 2 hrs ago) but right then and their, while the act is fresh) and If it had been me there, I would have turned around and looked her straight in the eye and said something ( are you not going to do Something about your child’s behaviour?? ) .. I guess just so she know’s we know its wrong and her responsibility to correct it. As far as the child being Autistic or something .. That is Not an excuse to misbehave. Even autistic children are taught to behave! So although I don’t think buying all the pie’s helped anything as the mother can just stop at anther BK and get him a pie. I do understand it was the only thing at that moment you felt you could do. Next time.. I guess ignore it or Say something to the parent so they know the behavour of their child is not acceptable.

  • Molly Reda-Schneider

    @ Karen Tannehill…. If that child had some sort of disorder….The mother did NOTHING to make that known and cause a very different outcome. A child like this needs to be stopped in their tracks. Of course the parent loves the child and if they truly do…They will take the steps necessary to teach that child boundaries, before someone later…accomplishes that with a gun or a baseball bat. Here in the real world, troubled teens or adults do not get time outs….they get, TIME OVER!

  • Patti

    This is what’s wrong with the world today, a bunch of assuming ignorant people. Even our disabled/autistic children should be allowed to be outside in this world to prepare them for when they get older. When they’re grown up do you think they should stay inside forever for the rest of their lives? God don’t like ugly in any way shape or form and all these remarks are ugly. Most of these ignoramuses sound like they don’t have kids therefore no EXPERIENCE! To be that spiteful to get even with someone you don’t even know speaks volumes of what kind of person you are. I can’t wrap my head around how a person can be that mean and how so many are siding with him. What did yoy want the mom to do, shout to the crowd “he’s disabled!”, give me a break!

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